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Town Man, Country Man by Jessica Skyes Davis

Town Man, Country Man - Jessica Skye Davies

“...no reason you and me should be alone tonight...you're who should take me home tonight...Right on the limits where we know we both belong tonight. It's hot to feel the rush...I'm on the edge of glory and I'm hanging on a moment of truth...I'm on the edge of something final...with you.” ~ Lady Gaga (I'm on the Edge)

When Josh and Ben, of 'Town Man, Country Man' by Jessica Skye Davies, leave their friends' wedding, they both sense that their encounter is going to be more than either has experienced in the past. One night together proves them right. They dive into a passionate, physical relationship that temporarily blinds them to the huge differences in lifestyles between them. All they can see at the moment, besides the passion, is a man they can relate to and be themselves with. Sooner or later, the reality of the situation is going to present itself. Then, they will have to decide if they will be able to compromise enough to keep their flame alive.

Although Josh sometimes complains about it, he enjoys his job as a wedding planner. He also loves being in the city where all the action is. But he has grown tired of one-night-stands and is beginning to look for something more permanent. When he and Ben begin seeing each other, it's like a dream come true. Even though they are very different, they appreciate each other's way of life and find merit in them. Their sex life is especially good, only adding to the positives. Finding common interests further binds them together. Josh and Ben are comfortable together for now and don't need to consider a more permanent solution.

As they spend more time at each other's houses, Josh start to notice issues that might affect their future together. Ben isn't out in the town he lives in. As a contractor, he works all over the place. His family knows he's gay but disapprove causing them to be alienated from each other. Josh's family accepts him and they are close. Josh is out and proud in every aspect of his life. When Ben is at Josh's house, they can be themselves and have a great time. But when Josh is at Ben's, he has to be in the closet. Josh isn't comfortable with that, but he tries to ignore it, not wanting to put pressure on Ben or put a damper on their great relationship. One thing Josh knows, he likes to visit Ben, but wouldn't want to live in the country. He enjoys living in the city where everything is available and he's close to his family. They need to talk about this, but neither one wants to bring it up. When Ben misjudges a situation with Josh, his insecurity and lack of communication leads him to jump to the wrong conclusions. Instead of waiting for a logical explanation, he assumes the worst and walks away.

This is a case where Josh and Ben could have avoided a lot of pain and anguish if they had just communicated more effectively. Trying to fill in the blanks and interpret feelings without verifying them is almost always a recipe for disaster. This is a well written story that endeared me to the characters very quickly, while wanting to knock their heads together a few times as well. Communication is the key! Josh and Ben are great guys and I was rooting for them to find a solution. Josh's friend, Dante, is outrageous in every sense of the word but he obviously loves Josh a lot. If you like hot men, steamy encounters, and views of country and city living, you may enjoy this story. Thanks, Jessica, for the entertaining read.





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