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Dear Stranger by Sis Love

Dear Stranger - Sid Love



It's easy enough to misread someone's intentions when you are sighted, but Reggie, of Sid Love's 'Dear Stranger', is at a disadvantage because he's blind. When a stranger comes on to him, he's skeptical and scared, but there's something about the man that gives him pause. Whether it's his gentle touch, sexy voice, or flattery, Reggie throws caution to the wind and goes home with him.

Knowing it's going to be a sexual encounter, Reggie's feelings go from excited to nervous and back. Even though he can't see the stranger, he can feel the handsome face and muscular body. The sex is explosive and carnal, but through it all, the stranger is beyond considerate of Reggie's emotional and physical state, checking with him several times to make sure he is doing okay. Afterward, he walks Reggie back home and tells him that he's looking forward to seeing him again.

Reflecting on what took place with the stranger, Reggie, whose self-confidence isn't the greatest, freaks out. A few weeks later Reggie is out with his best friend when he hears a voice that he instantly recognizes, his stranger's voice. The stranger is upset and lets Reggie know that it wasn't a once off, that he really intended to see Reggie again, that he was worried about him when he wasn't on the train. But now that he finds out Reggie is deliberately avoiding him, he's angry and hurt. Reggie tries to apologize but to no avail. Their encounter ends with the stranger telling him: “I'll see you around.”

Reggie's blindness puts a unique and intriguing twist on his sexual encounter. Since he can't read body language, he has to depend on his senses of touch, taste, and smell. By touching the stranger Reggie can tell he's muscular and handsome; can feel the cool sheets, and judge the size of his penis. Reggie can also smell his aftershave and taste his sweat and semen. Sid did a great job of reminding me that Reggie couldn't see without making his lack of sight a complete disadvantage, creating a sensual and sensitive coupling. If you enjoy stories about sex with strangers, blindness, angst, and reconciliation, you may like this story. Thanks, Sid, for a short but entertaining tale.


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