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Kissing Alex (Bodyguards Inc. Book 6) ... RJ Scott

Kissing Alex (Bodyguards Inc. Book 6) - R.J. Scott

“Nuair a choinnich iad bilean ann an meadhan, le blas eadar an chocolateorra, Leòdhas a 'faireachdainn an pòg dha òrdagan.”

“When their lips met in the middle, with the taste of the chocolate between them, Lewis felt the kiss to his toes.” ~ RJ Scott in 'Kissing Alex'

Not only is Alex, of 'Kissing Alex' by RJ Scott, the type of client Lewis disdains, but the  assignment to be Alex's bodyguard is right in the middle of the only month of the year when Lewis is able to go home and relax. However, the fee is phenomenal, an amount even Lewis can't turn down. He decides to accept the job, taking Alex home with him so Lewis can enjoy being with his family and guard him as well.

Alex is terrified and angry about being yanked out of his world and taken 'God only knows where' for protection he thinks he doesn't need. Even when they try to impress upon him the danger he's in, Alex scoffs at the idea that anyone would want to hurt him just to get to a man he only slept with once. When Alex is told that this man's family are ruthless gangsters and he is the main person to testify against them at their trial, Alex finally sees the danger. Even though he understands, he feels safe with Lewis, confident no one can get to him. When Alex realizes that his bodyguard not only owns Stoirmeil Island, but he is also Laird of Stoirmeil, he's bewildered. Alex falls in love with the island with it's beautiful with breathtaking views, but soon discovers why it is called storimeil (stormy). Alex finds a sense of peace he has not felt for a long time. Alex also loves the people, their rustic ways and Gaelic language. Alex especially loves his tall, handsome, stoic bodyguard. Alex tries hard to impress Lewis, demonstrating his interest and hoping to garner his attention, but Lewis doesn't budge. Alex begins to wonder if he's either not gay or just not interested.

Lewis's first impression of Alex is quickly shattered. The pretty, entitled boyband member he was expecting is so much more. Alex is intelligent, well-read, and talented. He writes many of the band's songs, keeps in shape by practicing ballet and has the most kissable-looking lips on the planet. Lewis senses Alex is interested, but he is tired of always having to be in charge. Lewis is delighted when Alex makes the first move, but also overwhelmed. Their first kiss, although not wildly passionate, is very meaningful, causing Lewis to reevaluate his life. Lewis feels certain that Alex is secure on his island and that they would see danger long before it comes, so he relaxes and enjoys being home and having Alex there as well, trying not to think too far in the future. Unfortunately, the island isn't as secure as he thinks.

I really enjoyed this turbulent but romantic story, made even more appealing by the sprinklings of Gaelic throughout. This foreign yet romantic language touched my heart, allowing me to feel deeply for the island and its people. I loved the family dynamics and their connections to the island. Lewis is a wonderful character, strong yet complex. I appreciated that even though Lewis has a title, he was modest and didn't like using it. His reluctance to always be in control was admirable. Given his size, most people would assume that he was always the aggressor. The unexpected behavior gave him more depth. By the same token, Alex was delightfully different than the usual stereotype of a boyband member. Alex's openness and understanding concerning Lewis and the other members of his family touched me. If you like an unpredictable romance with adventure and intrigue, along with two very handsome, sexy men, you may enjoy this book. Thanks, RJ, for another delightful addition to the 'Bodyguards Inc.' series. I can hardly wait to see what happens next in Roman's story.



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