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The Spencer Cohen Series Book#2 by NR Walker

The Spencer Cohen Series, Book Two - N.R. Walker


“I made a promise to myself; I'd never Trust someone again...I quit believing that someone could really care...And then there was you. Like an angel you just suddenly appeared, sent to me with a love so true that it could make up for the lies and wasted years...And there was you." ~ Trace Adkins -'And Then There Was You'

Spencer, of 'Spencer Cohen Book Two' by N.R. Walker, held in his feelings of rejection and heartache for years, finally deciding no one would ever love him. Spencer thinks he has his feelings under control until he meets Andrew. After that, Spencer's well-constructed walls start to crumble. Andrew is so perfect for him it hurts. When Spencer realizes that he has done his job too well because Andrew is going back to his old boyfriend, Spencer's emotional dam breaks; he's completely gutted. In the midst of his tears, Spencer looks up and sees Andrew standing in the doorway, but he is too overwrought to deal with what that might mean. The next morning Spencer wakes up with an epic hangover. He figures that any chance he may have had to keep Andrew is crushed for sure now that he has seen him at his worst; but Spencer is underestimating Andrew's loyalty.

When Spencer finally makes it downstairs, Andrew is still there, in deep conversation with Spencer's friend, Emilio, who has been trying his best to convince Andrew that this is not normal behavior for Spencer and, in fact, Emilio has only seen him wasted one other time. Truthfully, Andrew doesn't need any convincing. Andrew may not have known Spencer long, but he knows him well enough to understand what's normal for him. Spencer is humiliated by the whole experience, but in some ways he's also relieved. Spencer and Andrew return to his apartment and he bares his soul and Andrew does the same. Spencer figures if he wants a true relationship with Andrew, he owes him a total explanation. After a long discussion, they decide to give it a go, with the stipulation that they proceed honestly and slowly. They also decide on no penetrative sex for a while. However, this rule doesn't apply to any other kind of sexual expression, allowing for some very steamy, intimate activity between them. The closer they get, the more certain Andrew and Spencer are that they want to be together.

When Spencer obtains a new client for his pretend-boyfriend business job, he and Andrew have a long discussion and Andrew tells Spencer that he can't help being a little jealous, but he doesn't want to change Spencer in any way. This assignment is different from any Spencer had before. His client, Lance, doesn't want him to pose as his boyfriend, he only wants Spencer to find his ex, Yanni. Lance tells Spencer that Yanni's parents have barred him from seeing Yanni. Spencer has his suspicions, but agrees to take the case, if for no other reason than he's concerned that Yanni may be in some kind of trouble. Spencer starts his search, but Yanni is especially difficult to locate; Yanni has quit his job, left his school, and has moved, leaving no forwarding address. It's clearly apparent that Yanni doesn't want to be found. For this reason, Spencer proceeds with extreme caution. Spencer decides to find Yanni first, before he informs Lance about his progress in the search. Before he reveals Yanni's whereabouts, Spencer wants to make sure it's a safe thing to do.

Spencer and Andrew are distinct characters with hearts of gold. They're close, possibly tied, with Travis and Charlie, from N.R.'s 'The Red Dirt Heart' series They are easier to love because they have baggage but they haven't let it debilitate them to the point that Charlie has. Spencer and Andrew appreciate each other at a deeper level than most couples are capable of. Their witty banter is hilarious and adds a special levity, while also showing their creative personalities. Spencer and Andrew are compassionate, nurturing men who deserve to be happy. This is the second book in a series. It will be more enjoyable if the books are read in order. I have little doubt that fans of the series will love this book. If you are new to the series and enjoy a sexy, fulfilling love story, with sexy men, an Australian accent, interesting wardrobe choices, intrigue, and a happy ending, then you will love this story. Thanks so much, N.R. I'm so in love with Spencer and Andrew.








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