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Wet Hot Australian Christmas by AV Sanders

Wet, Hot, Australian Christmas - A.V. Sanders



“Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Reid is trying his best to get into the spirit, but without the familiar cold, snow, evergreens, and holly, he is having a difficult time. Reid tries not to show it, but he can't help being a little homesick. For his boyfriend, Graham's, sake, he tries to put on a good face.

Reid's work as a shark researcher keeps him busy. He's developed an AP called Surf Safe; it notifies swimmers of sharks in the area, hopefully giving swimmers time to get out of the water. Reid understands the potential danger, but he also has a great respect for these formidable creatures. Reid tries to justify the nets the authorities have put in place as a necessary evil to keep the swimmers safe but it still bothers him that they do so much ecological damage.

Graham has his own issues to deal with. After his father died, his mother continues to run their business and expects Graham to step up and help. Graham has no interest in doing that. He's caught between obligation and living his own life. Graham needs to come up with a plan to make his own business profitable while not completely disappointing his mother; a near impossible task. Graham loves Reid dearly and wants to help improve his Christmas spirit; he comes up with a special present that he hopes will do the trick.

I enjoyed this short but endearing Aussie Christmas love story. Graham and Reid are wonderful together and I am definitely not ready to let them go! It was interesting reading about the shark crisis and Reid's invention. AV obviously did a lot of research on the subject. I enjoyed learning about Aussie Christmas traditions as well. If you like reading about different Christmas customs, devoted couples, sharks, and happy endings you may enjoy this story. If Reid and Graham are willing, I'd love a sequel. Thanks, AV, for a different Christmas perspective.


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