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Anywhere You Go' by Keelan Ellis

Anywhere You Go (Unfinished Business Book 2) - Keelan Ellis

“There are strange days babe in a world of storm as long as you are with me it's gonna be alright. Anywhere you go I will follow you through the darkest night 'till we'll see the light. Anywhere you go I won't let you go.” ~ DJ Antoine

'Anywhere You Go' by Keelan Ellis picks up where the first story in the series ends. Jess and Eli are married and run a bed and breakfast while trying to repair and remodel the house. As a newly married couple, there are always things that need to be adjusted, compromised, and be determined. There's no doubt they love each other, but when the emotional situations come at them fast and furious, it is overwhelming, and they know these issues are going to have to be settled once and for all.

One of the issues is Eli's friend, Travis. He arrives unexpectedly at the B&B for an indefinite stay, but all the rooms are booked. The only space they can possibly put him in is Clay and Silas's room. Before doing so, they have a serious talk with them about leaving Travis alone, which the two ghosts begrudgingly consent to do. Eli and Jess don't trust them, but they have no choice. Travis is befuddled by the locked door with no knob and the room looking lived in, even displaying pictures of the residents. Travis doesn't give it a lot of thought because he's preoccupied with the argument he's currently having with his husband. That's why Travis needs some time away from him. Travis is tortured by the fact that he feels like he is in a no-win situation and doesn't even want to talk to his husband. Travis is tired of arguing with him and refuses to answer his calls. Even with promises made, Clay and Silas can't help themselves from meddling. They also give Travis some very erotic and explicit dreams of a trip they went on when alive. Surprisingly, viewing this sensual romp helped Clay and Silas, at the time, gain a better perspective on their relationship; it also influences Travis's outlook on his current issues with his husband.

I really enjoyed this unusual story. Seeing many of the characters from the first book again was great and knowing about their lives from before helped me slip right into the action. Jess and Eli had a lot of character growth that helped solidify their relationships with themselves and those around them. However, it was Clay and Silas's interwoven story of their trip to Paris years ago that really stole the show. It was sensual, loving, kinky, and very hot. Clay and Silas showed character growth as well—if that can actually happen in the afterlife. If you enjoy stories about newlyweds, resident ghosts, family issues, and love conquering even the most insurmountable odds, you may like this story. Thanks, Keelan, for another winner.


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