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Nice and Snow (With a Kick Book 6) by Clare London

Nice and Snow (With A Kick Book 6) - Clare London

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” (English Standard Translation) Hebrews 13:2

Nuri and Eddy, from 'Nice and Snow' by Clare London, are quite content with their lives in London, particularly since they are in love and together. With no serious issues from either family about them being a couple, they are free to attend the various family-oriented get-togethers. They are usually with Nuri's family because Eddy's parents are frequently out-of-town. Being with Nuri's family is wonderful; the happiness, the food, the feeling of warmth and love mixed among the normal family craziness. It makes Eddy long to have a Christmas like that with his parents. Nuri loves his family even though they are a bit much at times with his brothers loving to tease Eddy and Nuri too if they can get by with it. His mother welcomes them with open arms, only wanting happiness for her son whatever form it comes in. She expects him and Eddy to attend family functions just as much as anyone else. Nuri likes London, particularly because Eddy is there, but sometimes he misses his father and longs for the happiness he felt in his homeland when he was young.  

Nuri and Eddy are headed home in Nuri's cab when they spy a rather rotund bearded man dressed as Santa Claus sitting on a park bench, very much alone. They engage him in conversation, trying to see if he needs help. The man tries to brush him off but Nuri and Eddy are insistent about at least giving him a ride to a shelter or somewhere else where he can be warm and comfortable. During their cab ride, the older gentleman pulls out a flask and takes a few swigs. He offers it to them but they both refuse. As the ride continues, he tells him that his name is Santa and he fell out of his sleigh and needs to go meet them at a specific place. They figure if “Santa” is that engrossed in the jolly old man himself, they need to humor him. As the conversation goes on, they are amazed that this man knows an awful lot about them, including Eddy's morbid fear of Santa Claus and Nuri's homesickness. For their kindness, Santa grants them each one wish, just for this Christmas. They drop him off at the assigned pick up place for him and say good-bye, not sincerely expecting their promised rewards but they make a wish anyway. On this day of miracles, will they be blessed with one? Or was it merely the good intentions of an old man to whom they showed kindness?

This is an endearing Christmas story featuring Nuri and Eddy, a strange, but wonderful pair, giving me a bit more insight into their lives and families. If anyone deserves a wish to come true, it's these two. Fans of the series will love this one. Thanks, Clare, for putting hope and goodwill into a short, but delightful story.



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