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A Trip to Remember by Meg Harding Advent 2015

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“See your disappointments as good fortune. One plan's deflation is another's inflation.” ~Jean Cocteau, Diary of an Unknown

After a disappointing Christmas last year, Colin, of 'A Trip to Remember' by Meg Harding, is really looking forward to being with his family this year. Unfortunately the weather isn't cooperating. There's a blizzard raging outside and Colin's emotions go from disappointed to angry and determined. Since his flight is grounded, but Colin is not going to let anything stop him from seeing his family, he decides to try to drive there instead of flying. One way or the other, this will be a trip to remember.

As soon as Colin steps outside, he begins to question his judgement, but forges ahead. He digs his car out and drives off. Colin comes face-to-face with just how treacherous road conditions are. The next thing Colin knows, he's spinning out of control. When the spinning stops, he ends up in a ditch injured and bleeding. Colin knows he can't stay there or he will freeze, so he starts walking. He finally finds a home. With the last of his strength, Colin struggles up the driveway. Colin knocks and the door opens just as his world goes black.

When Colin opens his eyes he's inside. The owner of the house has taken measures to help Colin warm up, but isn't too sympathetic about Colin's reason for walking out in a blizzard. When Colin finally asks what his name is he tells him: “It's Logan, and yours? I've been calling your Popsicle in my head.” As time goes by, Colin is still pouting about his condition and his spoiled trip and sounds a bit ungrateful. But Logan's family was suppose to come be with him for Christmas and couldn't either. Logan's intent is not to play nursemaid to Colin, but he turns out to be pathetically bad at taking care of himself so Logan takes over. As Colin begins to feel better, their verbal interaction turns from harsh to teasing with some sexual innuendos mixed in. Christmas isn't anything like they are expecting, but it's an experience nonetheless.

Even though their relationship progressed obscenely fast, it worked. I loved the way Logan didn't let Colin get away with feeling sorry for himself and how he kept reminding Colin that he wasn't the only one who was in the situation of not being with family. I loved their banter back and forth which took different forms from strict “judgement”, to lectures about common sense and priorities, to an understanding, emotional flow. If you like stories with handsome men, screwed-up plans, and having a great Christmas although it wasn't one either man expected, you may enjoy this holiday read. Thanks, Meg! It's a great story.  

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