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'Lifeline' by Brynn Stein

Lifeline - Brynn Stein

“I was lost so long but found in the nick of time. Well, I was out here in desperation, no means of communication, just looking for a sign. Then you threw out your lifeline.” ~ Dusty Springfield (Lost)

In his work as a traveling salesman, Eric Duncan, of Brynn Stein's  'Lifeline', comes to a small, friendly town. He is impressed with the welcoming atmosphere of the place and decides he might stay a while longer than usual. While Eric is sitting in the local diner, a man comes in the door. Eric doesn't understand why everyone is ignoring him. When the man leaves, Eric follows him. The stranger appears to be homeless, lost, and confused. Eric makes a decision to help him however he can. Eric finally catches up with him and tries to find out what he can do to make things better for him. The problem is, he keeps disappearing—literally. Eric finally learns that his name is Dennis Hayden and he is, indeed, lost; he doesn't even understand how he got to town. For that matter, Dennis can't remember how he gets from one place to another within the town. Eric feels inexplicably drawn to Dennis who is a complete stranger. Somehow, in spite of it all, Eric and Dennis begin to connect emotionally; helping him becomes very personal.

In the meantime, Eric overhears a conversation the hotel manager is having with a desperate young woman looking for her brother who has been missing for several days. Eric concludes that Dennis is most likely her brother and decides that he is going to try to reunite them. When Eric tells him about the woman. Dennis agrees that it's probably his sister and wants to meet with her. Surprisingly, when Eric finally reaches for Dennis, instead of connecting, his hand goes right through him. Dennis is as surprised as Eric. They go up to Eric's hotel room to try to figure things out. They discuss Dennis's 'state of being' and decide that he must be dead and is a ghost only Eric can see. Eric doesn't believe in such things, but with the 'evidence' right in front of him, he's forced to accept it. The next time Dennis disappears and reappears, he's in pain, making matters even more complicated. If Dennis is dead, how is this possible? They have to reassess his “condition” and look for another explanation.

This is a very unique love story that challenged me to think out of the box. The whole supernatural scenario had me guessing, trying to figure out why only Eric could see Dennis and exactly what “state of being” Dennis was in. Also, how can a man and a ghost fall in love so suddenly and completely unless they were soulmates, destined to meet regardless? I would like for the story to be a little longer, going into more detail about Dennis and Eric's relationship; but, since the story had a cliff-hanger ending, I am hoping it means I will see Eric and Dennis again which would be delightful. If you like stories with a supernatural twist with love happening, regardless of the obstacles, you may enjoy this tale. Thanks, Brynn, for the unusual love story.



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