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The Cellar Hand by Serena Yates

The Cellar Hand (Workplace Encounters Book 10) - Serena Yates

How far would you go to find someone whom your heart just won't forget? Would you conduct a five year search for them and when you found them, would you drop everything just for a chance to be close to them again? Geoff Robichaud of ‘The Cellar Hand’ by Serena Yates thinks his childhood friend, Orson Digby, is worth all this effort and it pays off. They soon learn that they complement each other in ways other than in bed. United, they are unstoppable.

Orson is a lovable, good hearted person who has been dealt a very bad hand in life. What I liked about him is that he didn't give up. Orson tries his best to overcome his misfortunes, but it's hard to have dreams when everything in your life seems to go wrong. I admired the great strength of character he shows as he deals with his adversity as best he can. When he and Geoff reunite, I appreciated his ability to open his heart and finally be able give and receive the appreciation, respect, and love he deserved.

Geoff has to be one of the most romantic, charismatic heroes Serena has ever created. His quest to find Orson and his consequent consideration of him was a real turn on, not to mention that he's handsome, kind, sexy, and very good at what he does. The fact that he defends those who are in an underdog position made me like him even more. Simply put, he's an admirable person with a good moral compass. These two gentlemen definitely make a handsome couple.

In this, my second reading of the story, I focused more on the relationship between Geoff and Orson and how well they fit together. When they are reunited, it is heartwarming how they pick up as if they were never separated; the affection and trust of their childhood friendship not only survived, but is allowed to blossom into something even bigger and better. I admired Geoff for his persistence to find Orson after being separated, wanting to see if the emotions he feels as a man would be the same as when they were young. Geoff feels the connection right away but is cautious when it comes to Orson. He does not want to assume anything, but is hoping Orson has missed him and feels the same way. Fortunately the trust that they developed years ago is still intact; it's not very long before they are sharing their feelings in and out of bed. Even though the sex is very hot, they learn to simply enjoy each other's company, finding comfort in ordinary things as well. Thanks, Serena, for giving me the opportunity to read about these two inspiring, wonderful men and how they achieve their happy ending.

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