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Oh Crap! This Jock is Getting Married (Jock #1.5) by Wade Kelly

Oh, Crap! This Jock's Getting Married - Wade Kelly

Oh Crap! This Jock is getting Married (Jock 1.5)’ by Wade Kelly takes place three years after it all began for Cole and Ellis, and caught me up with what they have been doing along with their friends and families.

Ellis is his usual optimistic self, determined not to let anything bring him down. He realizes Cole still struggles with the idea of being together and will often say or do things he doesn't mean, simply because he can't imagine why Ellis loves him and pessimistically is afraid it won't last; that it will fade and blow away one day. Ellis is adamant about loving Cole and will say it as many times as Cole needs to hear it. Almost unbelievably, their sexual interludes are continuing to grow in quality and intensity. There are some sizzling moments between them that are reassuring and helps ease Cole's growing concerns about wanting everything to be perfect for the wedding. He's still looking for something to go wrong, even panicking about the weather, but Ellis just keeps reassuring him, countering each concern with an alternative.

Their biggest concern as of late is the fact that neither have a job in their chosen fields, Ellis as a teacher and Cole a physicist.  Cole's anxiety grows, making him wonder if all the plans they are making will ever be realized, but Ellis keeps asking Cole to trust him and, although it goes against Cole's nature not to worry, he loves Ellis so much he tries his best to at least act as if he believes him.

I've always been a fan of this series and these delightful vignettes only increase my affection for the characters. The stories give me a good idea of how the guys are doing and gives me hints about where their lives are leading. It's great to see their parents and realize how supportive they are of Cole and Ellis. It also emphasizes how very much Ellis loves Cole and how far he's willing to go to make him happy. Underneath all of his negativity and worry, Cole does believe and trust Ellis. He is still amazed by the fact that Ellis loves him, but he also knows he loves Ellis just as much, even if he can't always show it. This is obviously not a stand-alone book but it's a great bridge to the next 'Jock' story - ‘No! Jocks Don’t Date Guys’ - and I can't wait to read it. Thanks, Wade, for showing me that Ellis and Cole truly belong together.