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'Unscripted' (Heartsville) by Nico Jaye

Unscripted (Heartsville) - Nico Jaye

“Objects we ardently pursue bring little happiness when gained; most of our pleasures come from unexpected sources.” ~ Herbert Spencer

As everyone knows, life does not follow a script. Unexpected events occur all the time. Teddy Carbone, of 'Unscripted' by Nico Jaye, becomes painfully aware of this when his friend, and owner of the Oasis theater he works at, suddenly dies. As if his death isn't enough of a shock, he discovers that Richard has left Teddy half of the Oasis Theater. The only catch is, the other half is left to his alienated nephew, Carter, who, to say the least, does not share their affinity for theater. Dealing with Carter is going to be more of a challenge than Teddy can even imagine.

Teddy has worked at the Oasis for nine years; it's a huge part of his life. It's not just a job, the people are not employees, they are one big family. Teddy's loyalty to the theater and to Richard's legacy is completely understandable. When he's contacted by Carter, he immediately sees him not as a partner, but as an adversary. Carter has no interest in continuing the theater's work. In fact, he can't wait to sell and be rid of it. Knowing he'd never be able to buy him out, if Carter decides to sell, Teddy is desperate to find a way to persuade Carter that the Oasis is too important to the community to just throw away. Regrettably, Carter doesn't seem to have an altruistic bone in his body. If it doesn't profit him, then Carter doesn't want it. Teddy is beginning to foster a great dislike for this man who could so easily ruin his life. He eventually has had enough of his condescending attitude and tells him off.

When Teddy gets official word that Carter is selling, he goes over to Carter's building to confront him  and marches straight in without waiting to be announced. Instead of being angry, this makes Teddy even more attractive to Carter. He comes on to Teddy and he becomes flustered, but, in spite of his feelings for the man, he's also turned on. They have explosive sex which throws Teddy completely off the track. Carter obviously enjoys Teddy, but leaves him with a condescending pat on the ass and walks away. Teddy tries to be philosophical about their “one-afternoon stand” and continues his quest to win Carter over. To Teddy's dismay, the fate of the Oasis still hangs precariously in the balance.

Besides the fact that the stories are so enjoyable, this series is hitting all my buttons. The first story is about a bookstore, one of my favorite places to be, and this second book involves a theater; also somewhere near and dear to my heart. Reading these stories makes me want to visit Heartsville and meet these amazing people in person. If you like a great, but hard earned love between two hot guys having even steamier sex, the theater, and a happy ending, you may enjoy this enemies-to-lovers story. Thanks, Nico. It's my first book by you, but definitely not my last.

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