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Percolation, Poetry, and Passion by AV Sanders

Percolation, Poetry, and Passion - A.V. Sanders

“Love has no eyes, Love has no age, Love has no culture nor religion, Love has no disability, Love has no gender nor race. It only takes two crazy individuals to make it happen.” ~ London Mond

Beckett, of 'Percolation, Poetry, and Passion' by A.V. Sanders, is at a good place in his life. As a poor boy from Louisiana, Beckett works hard to be successful. He never dreamed he'd get as far as enrolling in a graduate program, but is ecstatic about it. The only downside is telling his mother. She never understood why Beckett left in the first place and, now that he's finished college, is anxiously awaiting his return. Beckett has been so busy trying to be a success that his love life is practically nonexistent. He may flirt, but doesn't take it seriously. When Simon begins to come into the cafe where Beckett works, he realizes he has another reason to stay.

Beckett is enamored with Simon from the start. Although Simon seems to enjoy sharing time with Beckett, he can't begin to imagine that Simon could ever take him seriously. Even when Simon and his partner break up, Beckett still doesn't dare to dream that there could be a chance for him. Simon proves him wrong; he asks Beckett out to dinner and Beckett quickly agrees. Beckett hadn't even considered how financially well off Simon is, but their date certainly highlights it. Simon has an expensive car; the restaurant is amazing, a true experience in dining and obviously very pricey. Simon and Beckett start spending as much time together as possible. They have some hurdles to deal with, i.e., Simon overcoming his hurt from his ex and learning to trust again, but generally speaking, they reach a deep understanding built on good communication, compromise, and caring. Yet, their biggest hurdle of all is yet to come. Beckett now has three monumental things to tell his mom:  he isn't coming back home; he's gay; and he’s in love with an older man. As Simon goes back home on vacation to tell her the news, he's expecting what may cause the biggest explosion of all.

This a good May/December love story, with endearing characters who are dealing with people's reaction to them since one is significantly older than the other. It's a shame people put so much emphasis on age difference in a relationship. This kind of arrangement may not work for everyone, but there are more important things to figure in besides how old people are. It's more a question of maturity, understanding, and willingness to compromise. With these qualities intact, age difference won't matter; if these qualities don't exist with a couple, they aren't going to make it regardless of age. If you enjoy stories with May/December romances, Louisiana history, close families, and believe that age does not factor into a good relationship, then you may like this story. Thanks, A.V. for an endearing tale of love.


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