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'What Remains' (Southern Spirits 6) by Bailey Bradford

What Remains (Southern Spirits Book 6) - Bailey Bradford

Bailey Bradford brings together all of the series' characters, in a joint effort to restore peace in the community. The town is being plagued by negative forces which are particularly threatening for Severo and the McKinton spirits. Each character contributes his or her energy and special talents to the project, creating the united front necessary to set things right again.

Miriam, Chris's Wiccan High Priestess mother, enlists the help of a local High Priest, her coven, and other spiritually gifted individuals, along with the townspeople to participate in a purification ceremony. Miriam is awesome. She's charming, thoughtful, witty, and has a quiet, but strong presence. 

Severo is his usual sexy, outrageous self, but he's also frightened. Whatever this spell is, it's meant to harm him, which is why a protection charm is placed around his neck with strict instructions not to remove it. His energy and gifts also play an important part in the purification process. I admire Severo for being the strong, loving, forgiving person that he is.

This is an absorbing look into the occult including Wiccan beliefs and ceremonies, along with examples of how light and dark energy may affect the world around us. It's also a continuation and solidification of the loving relationships which have been forged in the series, particularly the outrageously passionate one between Severo and Laine. They, once again, provide us with unforgettably hot love making sessions. I like the story and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the supernatural and, of course, happy endings. This story can be read alone, but to truly understand the characters’ motives and the significance behind them, it's important to read all six books.

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