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'Fracture' (Flight HA1710 Book 6) by Amber Keel

Fracture (Flight HA1710 Book 6) - Amber Kell

“Courage is not living without fear. Courage is being scared to death and doing the right thing anyway." ~ unknown

Xavier Soto, of 'Fracture' by Amber Keel, is thrilled when he is recruited by a large manufacturing company right out of college. It's short lived when his company assigns him to a junior position in Great Britain, where, instead of making a difference, he is just a cog in the wheel. While doing some boring, routine work, Xavier discovers a flaw in the manufacturing plans for an aircraft and brings it to the attention of his supervisor. Instead of praising him for his initiative, his boss is not pleased. While patting him on the head for being so conscientious, he also shuts him down. His supervisor assures Xavier the other engineers know what they are doing and would have found such a glaring error. His boss promises Xavier he will make a special note for the builders to recheck the specs. Xavier isn't satisfied with the outcome but resolves to put it out of his mind; He has done all he can. Two years later, when one of the aircrafts his company built crashes, Xavier knows his instincts were right. He can not be quiet about this any longer. He has to let someone know about the possible flaw, so it won't happen again, even if it means he loses everything.

Xavier is riddled with guilt when he hears about the plane crash. Even though there was nothing more he could have done, it still makes him physically sick to think that this tragedy could have been avoided and wasn't. Xavier prays the investigation team will find something else besides the flaw he warned his company about to be the cause of the crash. The longer the investigation goes on, the clearer it becomes that Xavier must bring it to the attention of someone in authority. He obtains the phone number for Brent Clery of the American National Transportation Safety Board. Brent isn't sure whether to take him seriously. Brent tells Xavier that he needs the information Xavier is able to download from his computer at work with the original plans for the plane. If the company was aware of the flaw before hand but went ahead with the plans anyway, it's criminal negligence and they are in a great deal of trouble.

When Brent and Xavier meet face-to-face, immediately, they feel an inexplicably strong connection. They decide to eat first, before delving into the business part of their meeting. When they go back to Xavier's room, things heat up fast. Xavier and Brent are in the same place in their lives, tired of the club scene and anonymous hookups; they are both ready for more. Their sexual encounter is a powerful one and they both revel in it. Even though they just met, they both want more although they wonder how to make that happen. First, they have a case to solve.

This is the sixth and final book of the Flight HA1710 series. Beginning with the captain and ending with the mechanical engineer, who helps solve the mystery of what caused the crash; each story is a mixture of anxiety, fear, guilt, and, finally, love and redemption. Although it's often difficult to understand, everything happens for a reason and in the case of the crash of Flight HA 1710, it brought men together who may never have met, giving them a real chance at happiness. I've enjoyed each and every story and heartily recommend not only this one but the other five as well. It's been a satisfying and enjoyable ride. Thanks, Amber, for your wonderful addition to the series and, again, a big thanks to RJ Scott, Clare London, Sara York, Meredith Russell, and Serena Yates for a job well done.



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