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Redemption (Diversion Book 5) by Eden Winters

Redemption (Diversion Book 5) - Eden Winters

“Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person”. ~ Tennessee Williams


'Redemption' by Eden Winters begins after Bo and Lucky narrowly escape being killed, after when their undercover operation explodes, leaving them vulnerable. Even though they get away with their lives, neither of them are in good shape. Both have PTSD; Bo is in drug rehab because of an addiction he acquired while being undercover. Bo refuses to see Lucky, thinking it's over between them. It's a very low point in their relationship. Even with all the hard-earned trust and dreams Lucky and Bo have had in the past, their future together is looking dim. Lucky's thoughts describe his condition perfectly:If Lucky’s heart got any heavier he’d wear it in his ass.”


Lucky finds it hard to keep going, especially after he can't remember if he killed a man or not. It's robbing him of sleep and terrorizing him in his dreams. Bo not seeing him isn't helping a bit.  Even though Lucky understands Bo needs some time alone to figure to regroup, but Lucky misses him intensely. He is spends a lot of time at work rather than going home to the lonely apartment he and Bo shared, with just Cat Lucky to keep him company. He does get one pleasant surprise in the form of Lucky's 401K. Since “Lucky Lucklighter” is technically deceased, the money has to be taken out. Before, he and Bo were considering buying a house, which, to Lucky, is the epitome of commitment. He decides to buy a house without consulting Bo, fix it up, and surprise him with it. His heart is in the right place, even if his logic is flawed.


Bo knows Lucky has been to see him, although he has refused him every time. When Bo answers a text from Lucky, the man almost jumps out of his skin. Bo asks Lucky to come see him at last. Things are uneasy at first, but gradually they begin to loosen up Whether he wants to admit it or not, Bo wants to be with Lucky, yet, they are still not out of the woods. Bo has a lot of secrets which haven't come to light; Bo is worried they will change Lucky's mind about him. Bo is not the same happy, peaceful man he appeared to be at first. Even though he decides to let Lucky back in, he has one deep seated problem he has to deal with before he can come to terms with who he is and what he wants. Lucky is determined to help the man he loves, love himself again.


As with the other books in the series, Eden has done a fantastic job of combining Bo and Lucky's roller coaster of emotions and experiences, with the action. Even though I was sad to see Lucky and Bo experience so much pain emotionally, it was good to see how they fought their way back to themselves and to each other. There are lots of reveals in this book about past and present characters. I spent a lot of time thinking: “Oh Yeah! I get it now or Awesome! I was right all along.” I loved the way Eden tied up the loose ends considering some of the dire situations, yet still ended up with a happy ending for Bo and Lucky and other characters as well. Fans will love the conclusion to this amazing series. For those who have not had the opportunity to learn about Lucky and Bo and all the other outstanding characters, please consider doing so. The series needs to be read in sequential order, of course, because one book builds on the next, but I guarantee it will be well worth the effort. Thanks, Eden, for sharing Lucky and Bo's hazardous adventures as well as their tender moments.

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