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Guardians of the Haunted Moor (Frayne and Tyack Book #5) by Harper Fox

Guardians Of The Haunted Moor: (A Tyack & Frayne Mystery) (The Tyack & Frayne Mysteries Book 5) - Harper Fox

“After having children, life becomes about living beyond yourself; about being bigger and better.” ~ Jaclyn Smith

When Lee's sister, Elowen, offers to let Gideon and Lee adopt her expected child, they are over the moon. Being a parent is something they both want, regardless of whatever changes it may cause. They see this as one more step in their relationship, binding them together and cementing their commitment to each other. After Miss Tamsyn Elizabeth Tyack-Frayne is born, Elowen stays a while to nurse the baby and help take care of her. It is almost too overwhelming. They begin to realize how much and how quickly they have adapted to their new schedules. They discover that they love the diapers, toys, crying, and the mess that comes along with it; because it is their baby and that makes it all right.

While dealing with the challenges being a father brings, there is also Gideon's job as a copper. When necessary, Lee is there to care for their child so Gideon is able to carry on with his responsibilities of keeping the good people in his charge safe. It's not too long before this happens. A man is killed, and butchered in his own cornfield. It's a gory sight, but Gideon has to help investigate it. Unfortunately, Gideon has to work with a detective named Pendower, who specializes in cases with, as Gideon so aptly called it, “weird-shit” saying he's a big fan of Lee's, but is actually hell-bent on exposing him as a fraud. Needless to say, Pendower isn't much help. In fact, he mostly gets in the way. Also, after seeing Lee work, Pendower begins to think he just might be wrong about Lee's abilities.

In the middle of all the chaos and their heavy hearts due to their family problems, Gideon and Lee work together; never letting events sway their love for and faith in each other. As dysfunctional as Gideon's family is, his mother and brother Ezekiel, become closer and more supportive to Gideon and Lee than ever before. Everyone is distraught, but Lee blames a lot of what happens on himself and his overly trusting nature; but Gideon doesn't hold it against him. In fact Gideon loves Lee's openness and sensitivity, even if it causes problems at times, and doesn't hesitate to tell him. Loyally, Gideon follows Lee's lead when coming up with a solution to their problems.

There is a great deal more to this exceptionally well written story than I can mention for fear of giving too much away. Harper continues to amaze me with her descriptive versatility in descriptions ranging from simply beautiful and endearing to evil and sinister. Harper weaves them together, good or bad, bright or dark, to portray a world composed of both, making her characters more believable and taking her stories to a whole new level. Just when all seems lost and the Gordian knot she's so magnificently tied is so tight and I think there's no way any good could ever come of it, she skillfully unties the knot and out pops a happy ending. Fans of the Frayne and Tyack Mysteries will love this one as well. As for readers new to the story, it needs to be read sequentially to truly understand what is going on, but if you enjoy reading mysteries involving murder, witches, psychic detectives, harvest rituals, angst, betrayal, and love, this book might be for you. Thank you, Harper, for reminding me how wonderful Gideon and Lee are together.

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