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Velocity (Flight A 17010 #2) by Sara York

Velocity (Flight HA1710 Book 2) - Sara York

“I never knew what love was until I met you, then when distance pulled us apart, I found out what true love is.” ~ unknown

When Phil Stewart wakes up in the hospital, he knows he is lucky to be alive, but it doesn't matter. All he wants to know is if his lover, Davin Tierney, has survived the crash as well. He causes quite a commotion at the hospital until they find out Davin is in another hospital, unconscious, with a head injury. This information gives Phil some relief, but Phil knows he can't rest until he sees his Davin and does what he has to do so he can be by Davin's side.

Phil and Davin meet in a club where Phil is being his usual, promiscuous self. Phil didn't believe in love only physical satisfaction. When he encounters Davin, he has feelings completely unfamiliar to him. Phil is interested in Davin, and not just for gratification. Phil wants to get to know him. As shocking as it is, Phil doesn't want Davin to just disappear. He wants to get his contact information, and hopefully see him again. Phil sees Davin home and kisses him goodnight. Davin is interested in Phil, but he doesn't like his callus, indiscriminate attitude. As much as he'd like to, Davin can't imagine Phil being any other way.

Phil pleasantly surprises Davin by actually following through. They keep in touch through Skype for months, getting to know each other. Their feelings for one another grow stronger. Since he has Davin in his life, Phil finds his old clubbing days boring and distasteful; he only wants Davin. Phil doesn't know what to call his feelings, but he isn't sure it's love. Although Phil has never discussed it with Davin, he rearranges his whole life to be with him. Phil makes all the necessary arrangements, i.e., his job and lodging and flies to Ireland and surprises him. Davin is overwhelmed, but is immensely happy to see him. He's been secretly saving money to come back to visit Phil, wanting to be with him so badly.

As Phil sits by Davin's bedside, he experiences regret for not telling Davin how much he loves him. He makes up his mind to tell Davin the minute he wakes up from his coma. When he does, they are inseparable, driving the nurses crazy by constantly wanting to sleep in the same bed. They know the crash has caused a lot of emotional and physical trauma they will have to work their way through, but one positive effect of the crash is it made Phil and Davin realize how strong their love is and important they are to each other and won't ever doubt it again.

This story touched my heart. I loved Davin from the start. Phil had to do a little convincing—he'd really changed, but when he did, he put his whole heart into their relationship. If you like a heartwarming story of emotional and physical challenges, second chances, and redemption, you may enjoy this tale. Thanks, Sara, for Phil and Davin's happy ending.



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