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Devils Own by Susan Laine

Devil's Own (The Wheel Mysteries Book 2) - Susan Laine

The second book of the ‘Wheel Mysteries’, 'Devil's Own' by Susan Laine, picks up right after the first story ends. Things have calmed down considerably and Niall and Gus are looking forward to getting to know each other better. They get along fabulously and things are going fine between them. They want to believe they have found “the one”, but it is simply too early to tell. They both feel the physical attraction, but need more “normal” time together to see if what they feel can last. Just when they are catching their breath, Niall is challenged with yet another bizarre set of circumstances.

Mrs. Talbot, a potential client, rushes into Niall's office proclaiming: “My husband is the Devil Incarnate...” Niall listens, but is skeptical, wondering if it could be a domestic dispute rather than a real crisis; but the longer Niall listens to Mrs. Talbot talk about her husband and his family, particularly when they speak of “black masses, old gods, ritualistic sex, and blood sacrifices,” the more Niall is convinced there is something sinister going on inside Talbot Manor. Niall is impressed with Mrs. Talbot as well. She doesn't seem the kind of woman who is taken with hysterics, which gives more credibility to her story. Niall agrees to check into it for her, but with the agreement that if he can not find anything amiss within two weeks, he drops the case.

It soon becomes clear that not only is she telling him the truth, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Niall realizes he's in over his head as far as esoteric matters go, and naturally turns to Gus for answers. Gus is quite disturbed when he finds the clues Niall has are Satanic. Gus always tries not to judge, but it's difficult because he had a bad experience with someone who practiced Satanism. He's quite disturbed about his inability to cope. Meanwhile, back at the Manor, bodies start multiplying, people go missing, and all sorts of other disturbing occurrences are taking place. It's beginning to mimic a game of Clue. It's a huge Gordian knot which seems 'untangleable', with every answer leading to another question, with answers more horrific than before.

There's not much more I can say about this complex, fast-paced mystery without spoiling the seemingly endless revelations woven into this tangle of lies, deceit, murder, Satanism, and last, but certainly not least, the deepening love between Niall and Gus. If you enjoy a complicated, multi-leveled, murder mystery, Satanic rites, and a love story between two hot men who are total opposites but fit together perfectly, then you may like this book. Thanks, Susan, for another entertaining and informative story.