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'Wrong Number' by Harold C. Jones

Wrong Number - Harold C. Jones

“Some of the best growth happens as a result of things going wrong.” ~ Nishan Panwar

Dylan's life is on a one-way trip to nowhere. His wife has just left him; he is bored, tired, and lonely. Dylan's life has no direction or purpose. He needs to make some changes even if they are wrong.

When his friend, Caleb, calls him, he's happy for the distraction. Dylan is hungry, so he accepts Caleb's invitation for a few drinks, even though it is at a place he's never been before. Dylan figures a change is in order and will do him good. Dylan balks at the cover price, but really needs some company so he pays the $20 and goes in to wait for Caleb. He's soon irritated because Caleb is nowhere to be seen. He strikes up a conversation with the man beside him who is also waiting for a friend who seems to have stood him up as well. When Dylan learns the other man is named Caleb, he immediately knows what happened, but Dylan is enjoying being with him and wants to stay, so he confesses his name is Dylan and somehow, they both assume the other is their friend, not just someone with the same name.

Dylan and Caleb meet a few more times and find they have a lot in common. Dylan can't stop thinking about Caleb, or more specifically, thinking about being intimate with him. This line of thinking is foreign to Dylan: he's never been with another man. He never even thought about the possibility. Yet, there is something about Caleb which calls to him on a very basic level. Dylan takes a long hard look at his past and present. He'd tried to do the right thing all his life, be responsible, marry a woman, and keep a decent job. Where has it got him? Nowhere. True to his nature, Dylan decides to take a walk down the “wrong” road and see where it gets him - hopefully, with Caleb.

This is a short but appealing story about two men who find each other by making a mistake and contacting the wrong person, who actually turns out to be very right for them. If you like short but meaningful stories with a happy ending, then you may enjoy this one.

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