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Cronin's Key Two by NR Walker

Cronin's Key II - N.R. Walker

“Only True Love is forever, a special kind of love that transcends through time and space. True Love is something that binds the two halves who become one for all eternity.”  ~ Eric

After saving the world, Alec and Cronin of Cronin's Key II, are taking full advantage of their time together. There are still a lot of questions to be answered and, although there is a respite, they realize that all the disagreements are not settled. There is still dissension in the vampire communities needing to be addressed. When they are made aware of a serious situation in China, Cronin, Alec, and their allies swing into action gathering information and developing strategies. Before they can proceed, Cronin has a startling revelation; there's something wrong with him which they must remedy before they go into battle.

Cronin has noticed that he has become super aware of other vampires, not just the normal heightened sensitivity that they all have. He seems to be able to use whatever the abilities the other vampire has, not taking it away from them, but adding it to his repertoire of skills. This is unheard of; a vampire does not acquire new skills. After process of elimination, Jordis and Eiji conclude that Cronin only feeding on Alex's blood is causing the phenomenon. They advise him to stop at once. Cronin's issues must be kept a secret because it could be seen as a weakness and make him vulnerable. Also, as wonderful as their union is, it has created another problem for Cronin and Alex. They need to be together all the time. If separated for any length of time, they go through a kind of withdrawal which does not ease until they are together again.

Alex would never intentionally do anything to hurt Cronin, but going away is definitely not an option. The significance and importance of Alex's blood and him being “the key” becomes more complicated every day. In an effort to obtain more information, Cronin enlists the help of Alec's family doctor who gives Alec a thorough exam and runs a battery of tests on his blood. The results are startling and frightening. They make the solution of their current crisis even more urgent; the cryptic messages given to them by the vampire-child, Jorge, take on a new meaning, but it is still not clear what that meaning is.

This review barely scrapes the surface of this epic story. N.R. has created a world with  many unexpected and sensational happenings, and brilliant characters like Kennard, the vampire nightclub owner from London, and a six-year-old vampire boy-child, Jorge, who is an exceptional seer but speaks in riddles. Upon first seeing Alec, he asks his guardian if he can have one, meaning a human pet, like Alec. N.R. does a wonderful job of manipulating history with Genghis Kahn and the army of clay soldiers as part of the plot to take over the world. Yet, in the middle of all this chaos and adventure, is the overwhelming love between Cronin and Alec and their determination to find a way to stay together forever. In spite of the multiple sub-plots introduced, which had my head spinning more than once, N.R. manages to piece them together in an understandable and grand way. This is the second book in the series and the books are best read sequentially. If you enjoy vampires, seers, epic battles, twisted, but interestingly so, history, and believe in eternal love, you may enjoy this story. Well, N.R., I guess I will have to stop saying I don't like to read about vampires. Thanks for the magnificent story.


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