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Retrograde by RJ Scott

Retrograde (Flight HA1710) - R.J. Scott

“We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us.” ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

Tragedies have a way of putting things in perspective, as Co-Pilot Lachlan Donahue from Retrograde by R.J. Scott discovers after his plane crashes. When he becomes conscious, his first thoughts are of his estranged lover, Rory. Lachlan still loves Rory and wants him close, but with the way he left things when Lachlan last saw him, he assumes that Rory wants nothing to do with him; he doesn't even ask the authorities to contact him, much less put him on the approved list of visitors. Rory sees the accident and intuitively knows that Lachlan is involved and needs him; he rushes to Lachlan's rescue.

Since he is not on the list, Rory isn't allowed to see Lachlan. That doesn't stop Rory from waiting, making a nuisance of himself, until he finally does force his way in. Rory doesn't let his heartache and bruised pride keep him from what his heart tells him to do, which is protect Lachlan. This takes precedence over everything else in his life. Lachlan's reaction upon seeing him makes all Rory's effort worth it. There is a lot of speculation about what happened, particularly whether or not it was pilot error; the situation becomes too hot for Lachlan to stay at the hospital, so Rory takes him home. There's a lot to be sorted out between them, but it can wait until Lachlan feels better. For now, all that is important that Lachlan is safe.

Being back at their farm is both comforting and disconcerting for Lachlan. The quiet, the routine and peaceful atmosphere of the place, warm Lachlan's heart.  It also makes him feel guilty about leaving Rory the way he did; by sneaking away, leaving just a note. The atmosphere is tense; there are a lot of hurt feelings between them, but with all their arguments, it is obvious that they still love each other and being apart has negatively influenced both of their lives, essentially putting them on hold, in a kind of twilight zone of not wanting to remember, but not wanting to forget either. This is a turning point in Lachlan and Rory's lives. They need to either settle their differences and go their separate ways, or they admit that they don't want to live apart any longer, regardless of any circumstances which make it difficult.

This is a very intense, emotional love story about two men forced to confront their past demons, admit their mistakes, and move on with their lives. It's beautifully written, with passion and understanding, and most of all, it has a message reminding us that dwelling in the past, blaming each other or ourselves for events that have happened, is totally counterproductive and damages everyone involved. R.J., thanks for the heartwarming story. I am looking forward to reading the other five stories included in the ‘Flight HA1710’ series.



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