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More Than Most (More #2) by Sloan Parker

More Than Most - Sloan Parker

"Your feelings may be as clear as traffic light signals, but what if the person watching you is color-blind? So, tell them how you feel." ~unknown

Matthew, Luke, and Richard continue their journey of creating a relationship between three partners and making it work. They, like everyone in a relationship, have had good and bad times. Along with the chaos life brings, the key to making a relationship last is effective communication.

Richard is definitely an A-type personality. He's driven, competitive, and always gets what he wants. Richard loves his men and would do almost anything to protect them. There's nothing wrong wanting to keep those you love safe, but there's a difference between that and smothering or disregarding their feelings in order to do so. Richard sees things in black and white, but for Luke, and especially Matthew, life is an infinite array of grays. Because of their shaky pasts, Luke and Matthew haven't developed their self-confidence to the extent that Richard has, but they have grown tremendously; they are not the same men they were when they first met; Richard needs to become more aware of that fact. Richard does not mean to belittle their ideas or feelings, but that is essentially what he does when he makes important decisions without them. If Richard wants their relationship to flourish, he needs to relinquish some of the control which he obsesses about keeping and trust his partners to be able to decide what to do for themselves.

While Richard is on a three-week business trip, Luke and Matthew have become even closer. They love Richard with all their hearts and want the relationship to continue, but are becoming increasingly agitated by what seems to be his lack of faith in their ability to choose for themselves, especially Matthew, who, at twenty-four, still has a lot of growing to do. They've worked hard on dealing with their insecurities and feelings of unworthiness and have made great strides toward being more confident and happy. Matthew still has trouble telling his men what he wants and often defers to them rather than challenging, because he doesn't want to displease them. Luke, who would have run from any type of intimacy in the past, has learned to express himself more freely as well. Confronting Richard about how his overprotectiveness is affecting them and, ultimately, their relationship isn't easy, but must be done.

This story is well written and full of suspense and drama. There's tons of character growth, particularly for Luke and Mathew, although Richard has several attitudes to rethink as well. Combining the progress the men are making with Richard finally getting the estate he's been wanting for a long time, and the subsequent twists and turns associated with it, makes the story intriguing and stimulating. Figuring out the mystery behind the estate was both fascinating and frustrating, especially the devious way the clues were doled out. The ending was not a foregone conclusion by any means. 'More than Most' can be read alone, but there's so much background in the first book, to truly understand the relationships and motives between the characters, you need to read 'More' first. Fans of the ‘More’ series will definitely enjoy this story, and for those readers not familiar with the series, if you enjoy a story with three hot, devoted men, mystery, angst, suspense, and surprises, you may want to read this book. Thanks, Sloan, for giving us another glimpse into the lives of these exceptional men.



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