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Hoarfrost by Jordan L. Hawk

Hoarfrost - Jordan L. Hawk

“It always seemed to me the sun revolved around you. The greatest mystery is how I lived without you. It's always been that way since the first day that I saw you...You have my heart, ... and I'm always gonna follow to the ends of the earth.” ~ Sun Ho

Whyborne and Griffin are intrigued when they receive a package from Jack, Griffin's brother, who is currently in Alaska. In it is an artifact which could lead to an important archeological discovery. The opportunity is too good to pass up. After convincing Whyborne's boss and being funded by Whyborne's father, Whyborne, Griffin, Christine, and her fiancé, Iskander, set out for the wilds of Alaska.

Fearing he will lose Jack, just as he did with the rest of his family, Whyborne and the others agree not to reveal he is Griffin's husband, but it's not going to be easy to pretend they are just friends, especially with the lack of privacy the trip presents. All seems well at first, but Griffin becomes concerned when Jack starts asking questions about the group's previous expeditions and about his relationship with Whyborne. This undue curiosity causes Griffin to question Jack's motives. As the expedition continues, Griffin begins to hear voices. Fearing that he's going crazy, he tells no one. The voices become increasingly louder and by the time Griffin finally breaks down and tells Whyborne, they are in trouble over their heads.  Although Whyborne is frustrated for being kept in the dark, he is quick to reassure Griffin that he's not going insane.
Whyborne: “Clearly something is going on, but I’m certain it has something to do with this blasted city.”
Griffin: “I’d thought of that, but it doesn’t make sense. I’m ordinary. There’s nothing magical or special about me.”
Whyborne:“Everything about you is special,” he said gently.
When push comes to shove, Griffin learns just how special and important he is, not just to Whyborne, but for the entire expedition.

Whyborne is his usual cranky self, complaining about the weather, food, and sleeping arrangements; but he is, of course, an invaluable member of the research party, promptly showing everyone who doubted his efficacy they were sorely mistaken. He's especially helpful to Christine, using his expertise to decipher the puzzle at hand. The banter between Whyborne and Christine is as delightfully sarcastic as ever, adding spice and humor to their conversations. Although as eccentric as ever, Whyborne is more comfortable with taking a leading role. When things go seriously wrong, Whyborne, assisted by his sorcery and unique family connections, manages to save Christine and himself from certain death.  

There is so much more to this book, but most of it I won't comment on for fear of revealing too much. It's especially wonderful to see Griffin and Whyborne's love and devotion to each other continue to grow and become even stronger. They truly love and accept each other just the way they are. There were tons of twists and turns which had my head spinning and many questions in previous books are answered and new connections made. Once again, Jordan has amazed me with her ability to blend romance and horror. Fans of the series will love this latest chapter of Whyborne and Griffin's adventures. For those new to the series, this is the sixth book and the series needs to be read sequentially. If you love historical romance combined with tales of horror, monsters, sorcery, betrayal, and redemption, you may enjoy this book. A million thanks, Jordan, for another exciting, breathtaking, heartbreaking, frightening, and romantic story all rolled into one. I can hardly wait for book seven.



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