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A Shot of J & B

A Shot of J&B - Lou Sylvre

“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn't do.” ~ Henry Ford

Brian Harrison quit his job at Vasquez Security and went to London because of his unsettling response to Jackie Vasquez, who was only sixteen at the time; but Brian never forgot Jackie. Six years later, Brian visits Jackie's uncle, Luki, where he also gets to see Jackie again. Brian is stunned at the difference between the boy he left and the grown man he is now. Interestingly enough, the mysterious bond between them is as strong as ever. Brian would like to explore these feelings, but because of Jackie's traumatic past, he hesitates. Brian's kink is Shibari, a Japanese bondage style, and he fears that involving Jackie in such an activity may cause him harm.

When Brian and Jackie decide to pursue this inexplicable bond between them, they both know the road is going to be a rocky one. They have both changed a lot and have to learn a lot about each other. Brian is still wary of hurting Jackie, but Jackie definitely wants to be with Brian and boldly pursues him. At first, their relationship is long distance, which is always complicated, but somehow they manage. Brian works for Scotland Yard; Jackie is still in college, but fortunately is accepted to a graduate school in London. They take time to get to know each other, pushing limits, but mindful of each other's reactions. Brian learns that he is very right about Jackie being a natural born sub. He becomes his Dom and carefully works with Jackie, initiating him to the art of Shibari, which Jackie takes to very naturally. Both of them are almost overwhelmed by the emotional and lustful scenarios their lovemaking involves and become closer in every way. They blend together, two halves making a complete and beautiful whole—yin and yang.

Even though Jackie wants to be with Brian, he insists on getting his own apartment rather than moving in with him. He knows that he's still got a lot of growing and thinking to do. He has taken his therapy very seriously and pushed himself hard to understand himself, but his shadowy past still interferes with his life, keeping him guessing whether the fear he feels is real or imagined, a lingering effect of the horrors he's had to overcome. He is determined not to let them control his present and future. Life as a cop's partner is never easy. Brian might be called away at any time; it's hard to make plans. When they are together, they burn up the sheets with passion which is extremely emotional at the same time. Brian makes Jackie feel safe and takes his responsibility to him seriously. When Jackie inadvertently becomes involved in a case, he is, once again, placed in a position that could either make or break him. Jackie must use the coping techniques and self-examination skills he has worked so hard to master. His choice will determine his future and Brian's as well.

This story is well-written and multilayered. The passionate love story is seamlessly fused with the mystery and suspense portion. 'A Shot of J&B' could be read alone; but, beside missing fantastic stories with great characters, to truly understand the complexities of Brian and Jackie's relationship, I recommend reading the 'Vasquez and James' series first. If you like a bit of light D/s action along with a passionate romance, self-growth, suspense, and mystery, this may be a story you will enjoy. Thanks, Lou, for giving Brian and Jackie their well-earned happy ending.



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