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Moby's Dick by A.J.Llewellyn and D.H. Manly

Moby's Dick - AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manly

In 'Moby's Dick' by A.J. Llewellyn and D. J. Manly, Burke Matthews seemingly has it all. He's handsome, successful, wealthy, and has a great deal of expertise in his job as captain of a salvage vessel. He's respected and admired by his crew, travels all over the world seeing beautiful places and meeting interesting people. But he's restless and wonders if things are going so well, then why is he so empty and lonely? Burke is determined to find out and remedy the situation. After saving countless lives, and reducing potentially devastating environmental risks, Burke is ready to begin salvaging his own life.

I loved Gabriel's personality. He's such a kind, loving soul and so appreciative of everything anyone did for him. Gabriel has great integrity. He's so open and honest and takes nothing for granted. He's also very brave. It's absolutely incredible that Gabriel survives the shipwreck; it's also a miracle that Burke hears his tapping and is able to rescue him. But, was it a coincidence or did fate bring them together? What are the odds of them meeting by happenstance? Whatever the case, from the first moment Gabriel falls into Burke's arms, he grabs onto his hand and doesn’t let him go. The encounter shakes both of them to their cores physically and emotionally. Inexplicably, they see a glimpse of a happy future in each other's eyes which neither can refuse.

I'd never thought much about the salvage business, but when I did, I imagined salvage companies to be like scavengers who swoop down on disasters and plunder them, taking what was usable and leaving the rest. I'd never thought of them as 'the good guys' who save lives and preserve natural resources. A.J. and D. J.'s overview of the salvage process has given me a a greater appreciation for the salvage workers and the invaluable service they perform. In addition to the marvelous education, there is very steamy sex, passion, tongue-in-cheek humor, intrigue, deceit, and beautiful scenery. If you want to read an informative, well-written love story featuring absolutely delightful characters which you will want to cheer for all the way, then I recommend that you read 'Moby's Dick'.

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