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Necropolis by Jordan L. Hawk

Necropolis  - Jordan L. Hawk

In book four of the 'Whyborne and Griffin' series, entitled 'Necropolis' by Jordan Hawk, the main characters continue to develop both as individuals and as partners. The emotion between them is almost tangible, i.e., they love each other so much it hurts, but in a sublime way. The concern these men exhibit toward each other is the kind most of us would love to feel. Their circle of concern extends, to a great extent, to Whyborne's colleague and friend, Christine, whose urgent, cryptic message to come to Egypt immediately is not entirely well received. Hesitant at first, Whyborne isn't sure it's the best thing for him and Griffin, but when the situation becomes personal, i.e., there is an attempt on his life by a monstrous being, he and Griffin know they must go, even though they are embarking on an unfamiliar, and most likely dangerous adventure.

Griffin's heart is still sore from the rejection of his family after learning the true nature of his and Wyborne's relationship. Whyborne's family prove to be just as unwelcoming and they resolve to create their own family-- just the two of them. Griffin surprises Whyborne by agreeing to go to Egypt with him. He refuses to be separated for an unknown length of time and is willing and able to help Whyborne and Christine, who has helped them so much in the past; Griffin doesn't even hesitate to rush to her aide. Whyborne, however, although he loves Christine, hates being away from home and the thought of sleeping outside in tents and not being able to bathe for long periods of time is almost unbearable for him. Yet, he braves all the inconveniences as long as Griffin is at his side.

When Whyborne and Griffin arrive in Egypt, they discover that they have been drawn into a situation involving natural and supernatural entities, making things even more interesting.  Whyborne and Griffin experience, firsthand, what's involved in archeological field work, including dirty bodies, heat exhaustion, and murder, attempted murder, and that's not even mentioning the local political agenda, paranormal events, and supernatural beings. All through this dangerous escapade, Whyborne and Griffin stick together, still learning about themselves and the depth of their devotion, which forms a tighter bond between them. At the same time, certain events cause a philosophical difference in opinion, which threatens to drive Whyborne and Griffin apart, or at the least, create discord between them.

There are some unexpected plot twists which fascinated and delighted me and I won't spoil it by telling what they are, except for this one clue: they involve surprising new paths for some of the characters. As always, I loved reading about Whyborne and Griffin and watching them continue to develop the close relationship they both deserve. Fans of the series will love this volume. Those new to the series will as well, although the books need to be read in sequential order. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a unique tale involving danger, suspense, adventure, loyalty, political intrigue, passion, archeology, ancient prophesies, ghosts, monsters, gore, and of course, love. Thank you, Jordan, for an absolutely absorbing tale and for letting me visit with my two favorite men, Whyborne and Griffin.





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