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Bloodlines by Jordan Hawk

Bloodline - Jordan L. Hawk

“We can't choose where we come from, but we can choose where we go from there.” - Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Percival Whyborne, of 'Bloodline' by Jordan L. Hawk, has so many family problems he just wants to see some peace, preferably far away from relatives. He is, however, intrigued by his cousins from the Endicott side of the family whom he just met. He is drawn not only to their paranormal skills, but also to what they represent. He longs to have a life free of restraints, to do whatever he wants and to not have to answer to anyone, even to Griffin. Whyborne's cousins are everything he wishes he were which is extremely appealing to him. They are also very accepting of Whyborne; he feels extremely at ease in their company, that is, until he discovers facts about his heritage that will surely turn them against him.

Whyborne thinks that Griffin is being unreasonable in his insistence that the cousins are a bad influence and demands that Whyborne severely limit his time with them. Whyborne also can't understand why Griffin is so against him using magic, especially since it has saved their lives several times. It's something Whyborne wants to delve into more, but Griffin's reticence prevents it. Frustrated by the situation, he feels his hostility growing. Since Griffin won't talk to him about the problem, Whyborne rebels, goes behind Griffin’s back, and lies to him to avoid useless arguments. Whyborne and Griffin have shared everything, good and bad, ever since they've been together and overcome some seemingly incredible odds to stay together. It's painful to think of anything coming between them. During the course of the story they are plagued by sea monsters who seem determined to destroy the entire Whyborne family. As more information comes to light, Whyborne realizes that Griffin, in many aspects, is right. Whyborne is being selfish and irresponsible and nothing is worth losing Griffin over. He and Griffin regroup and, with Christine's help, lay siege upon the invading monsters which seem to be the problem.  All is not what it appears to be though. Whyborne has been fooled by people who should be on his side and they have ulterior motives which will end in disaster for Whyborne and those close to him if they are carried out.

Griffin is skeptical at best about the Endicott twins and tries to dissuade Whyborne from spending time with them. Whyborne takes it wrong, thinking that Griffin is just jealous and wants to control him. Griffin is desperately trying to protect him and make Whyborne think about the consequence of practicing magic without full knowledge of what may happen. This difference of opinion causes a serious wedge between them. Griffin doesn't trust Whyborne's judgment or give him credit to be able to think things out for himself. This lack of faith in his lover is a huge mistake; it causes stress and hurt feelings. Griffin needs to express his concerns instead of being overprotective and overbearing assuming he knows what's best. Griffin's attitude makes Whyborne even more determined to rebel against what he sees as oppression, the unfortunate kind which his family has practiced on him all his life. When Griffin literally catches Whyborne in a lie, he's furious and they have an awful argument.

Lots of  drastic, unexpected changes occur in this book; it is as imaginative as ever, with dark and angsty scenes, scarier than ever monsters, intrigue, and betrayal. It's an enormous turning point in Whyborne's life; he doubts everything he has ever known and struggles to accept a new reality that is very different from what he believed it to be. From the solemness recent events have left behind, Jordan turns the story around and it heads to a truly special place in which, regardless of anything else, Whyborne and Griffin become bonded in an extraordinarily beautiful way. Hold on to your hats, Whyborne and Griffin fans, because this adventure is a doozy, but I'm certain you will find it as spellbinding as I did. For new readers, this is a book which is not meant to be read alone. To fully appreciate this book, you will need to read the four previous sequels, which may seem like a lot, but well worth the effort. Thanks, Jordan, for reaffirming that Whyborne and Griffin's love continues to endure.


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