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Same Time Next Year by Eden Winters

Same Time, Next Year - Eden Winters

Legend tells us that on Halloween night the “veil between the worlds” becomes thin and allows spirits to pass through more easily. Jerome from 'Same Time Next Year' by Eden Winters will heartily agree. The spot where his lover and best friend, Greg, died, becomes a place where, on Halloween night, every year, he can do more than long for him.

Jerome and Greg are convinced that they are made for each other and will be together forever, that nothing or no one will ever come between them. When Greg is killed, Jerome is inconsolable. From that time on he lives in the past, dreaming of being with Greg again, not being able to move on. His grief and love is so strong that it permeates the veil between this world and the next, giving his lover Greg the energy and incentive to manifest at a special time and place to be together again, i.e., as long as they abide by certain rules. For instance, they can't leave Greg's car. As wonderful as it is to be together, when Greg has to leave, Jerome is left to grieve all over again.

As the years go on, things change drastically for Jerome, but stay the same for Greg. He's watching over Jerome, waiting for a time when they can be together again. Other than that magical night on Halloween, Jerome is lonely and maudlin. Worse yet, he's never able to totally commit to anyone else, no matter how hard he tries, because his heart belongs to Greg. Their once-a-year trysts become more difficult, especially for Jerome who is left behind.  He desperately wants to be with Greg who promises that he will be, just not yet.

This is a bittersweet story about a love that can't be diminished, even by death. The devotion Jerome and Greg feel for each other is phenomenal. Their meetings are wonderful and painful at the same time, but what keeps them going is that they know that some day they will never have to leave each other again. Although this is a sad story in parts, it's also hopeful and inspiring, especially for those who are left behind when someone they love dies. The promise of being together again some day, is a beacon calling them to have patience, honor the memory of the person who has passed, and strength to wait until they can be re-united. Thanks, Eden, for the touching Halloween love story.




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