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Falling for You by Sara York

Falling For Him - Sara York

Tristan Barnes, of 'Falling for Him' by Sara York, has no social life. He's killing himself teaching college classes and trying to earn his master's degree so he doesn't have to start at the bottom rung of the ladder. Tristan really needs something, possibly someone, to distract him from the drudgery and loneliness of his work. Then Tristan gets on a campus only website, hoping to make a connection. Though he's never chatted with him, he's attracted to a user named SVS479. Tristan knows the hazards of hooking up online. The guy may not even be a guy at all. This could all be a game to SVS749 but, still, Tristan is willing to take a chance.

Their first conversation is a message to Tristan advising him to take better care of himself. It seems like an odd beginning, but Tristan is intrigued. SVS479's messages are oddly compelling, a mix of flirting and caring. Things get sexy really fast and their exchanges border on obscene yet remain totally anonymous. Even when he meets and is very attracted to a guy named Stefon, who happens to be in a wheelchair, he Tristan still fantasizes about his online lover; yet, over time, Tristan begins to think of Stefon more frequently. The next time he sees him, Tristan asks Stefon to go to a movie with him. Stefon is shocked that he asks but has to decline because he has a doctor's appointment. When Stefon explains why he can't go, Tristan immediately offers to go to his appointment with him and Stefon takes him up on it.

Stefon has been through so much since the accident that took away his ability to walk that he has trouble having faith in himself. He hates not being able to walk and hates that he has to depend upon others. It's difficult for him to adjust to Tristan's love and the faith he has in Stefon to be able to succeed. The thing is, if you don't believe in yourself, no one can do it for you. Stefon is beginning to realize that Tristan is completely different from many people he's known. Tristan is not going to bully, make fun of him, or use him just to brag about having sex with the cripple. Tristan has the ability to see beyond the chair and, as much as is possible, treats Stefon like anyone else. Stefon knows he needs to, but is terrified to tell Tristan that he is SVS479 about his big secret. Stefon is certain that Tristan will be furious and will walk away. And even with the new procedures Tristan talks him into trying and their seeming success, Stefon's hope of ever being normal again is fading. He's better in some ways, but the pain is so intense that it's wearing him down. Stefon's goal is to be able to walk again and it isn't happening fast enough. In a fit of frustration and anger, Stefon strikes out at Tristan, telling him to leave and never come back.

There's a lot going on in this story and it was a bit overwhelming at times. Sara put these guys through a lot and although they faced each challenge and came through it together each time, it was emotionally draining. Tristan was an angel. I loved him for being so compassionate and loyal to Stefon. Although I understood that Stefon had been through more than anyone, especially at his age, should have to go through, if his love interest had been anyone but Tristan I don't think it would have had a chance. If you like stories about college students, disabilities, bullying, recovery, and redemption you may enjoy this story. Thanks, Sara, for giving Tristan and Stefon their happy ending.


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