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Island Counselor (Island Medics #2) by Sue Brown

Island Counselor (Island Medics Book 2) - Sue Brown


“Just off the coast of England you'll see a charming sight, a little pile of mud and sand we call the Isle of Wight...We've a strong sense of community and we're neighborly to the core. Whatever your business is, it's not private any more. You never need to be alone, whatever you do, behind that white lace curtain there's an eyeball watching you.” ~ Laurie Say and the Island Folk (It's the Isle of Wight for Me)

Although sung in jest, the small-town mentality of the Isle's people, is one of its charms. Logan Wilde grows to appreciate that about the Isle of Wight. Logan has come to get away from the chaos in the big city and a terrifying attempt on his life. He finds solace in the peace, beauty, and slower pace of the Isle, as well as a surprisingly strong connection with Nick Brent. Logan isn't one to believe in love at first sight but in an attempt to enjoy his life instead of letting it pass him by, Logan allows himself to follow his feelings and see where they lead him.

Logan runs to the Isle trying to overcome the horrible experience of almost dying at the hands of one of his clients’ husband. Logan hasn't told anyone on the Isle that he's there, not even his best friend, Jeff, the island's doctor. Soon enough Jeff discovers he's there and chastises him first, for not letting him know and secondly, for not seeking out help for his PTSD. Almost overnight, Logan has more support, protection, and company than he's ever had before in his life. Between Nick's “loving possessiveness” and the package deal of Owens family, Logan doesn't know what to think. He is usually the one caring for others; he's uncomfortable with things being the other way around. He soon learns that resistance is futile as far as accepting help is concerned. Logan has been officially adopted into the clan and may as well relax and let them do what they do best: stick together and take care of themselves and those 'under their influence'.

It takes some doing, but Logan comes to the conclusion that the Isle is his home now and he never wants to go back to his old life; he is looking forward to creating a new one by staying on the island with Nick and his newly “earned” friends. Unfortunately, Logan's peace of mind is shattered when he learns that the man who attempted to kill him has escaped from jail. Logan is terrified by the possibility of the man coming to finish him off, he panics, and all attempts to reassure him fall on deaf ears. Logan doesn't think anyone can keep that mad man away from him; that he will come and finish off the job he started regardless of what anyone tries to do about it.

It was absolutely wonderful to revisit the Isle of Wight and its deliciously eccentric inhabitants. More than ever, I want to go there. The relationship between Nick and Logan deepened very suddenly, but, somehow it didn't feel that way. It was great seeing Jeff, Liam, and the other friends and family members and feeling the strength of commitment and care they have for each other and how it automatically 'encompasses' those brought into the flock. Sue did a great job portraying Logan's emotions and his progression toward overcoming his fears and moving on. Fans of the 'Island Medics' series will enjoy this intriguing addition to the series. For those of you new to the series, you are missing something special and enjoyable. If you like learning about different customs and cultures, love between handsome men, and family loyalty, you may enjoy this book. Thanks, Sue, for another wonderful book in the ‘Island Medics’ series. I hope to enjoy many more visits to this magical place.

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