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Dreamers' Destiny Tempeste O'Riley

Dreamers' Destiny - Tempeste O'Riley

“In dreams I walk with you...talk to you...you're mine all the time. We're together in dreams...But just before the dawn, I awake and find you gone. .It's too bad it only...happens in my dreams...” ~ Roy Orbison (In Dreams)

Liam Grady and Cameron Danu have been dreaming about each other for years and know more about each other than anyone else. It has interfered with their waking hours because no man can ever imagine another man who could measure up to their lover who only meets him when he is asleep. What they are not aware of is that the person they are in love with in their dreams is not just a fantasy, but a real flesh and blood person.

Liam and Cameron have never met in “real life” because Cameron lives in another city. When he gets a new job and moves to Asheville, NC, where Liam lives, that's when they first get glimpses of each other from across a crowded room in a club. Both are so freaked out, they don't connect at the time. Liam accepts the possibility of his dream lover being a real person before Cameron does. After talking with his aunt, Dianne and her Wiccan priest, Nosha, Liam learns he's a dream walker, a person able to “walk” into other people's dreams and interact with them. With this knowledge, Liam is anxious to see if Cameron is, indeed, the man he's loved for years. He finds Cameron at work, intending to get to know more about him. Unfortunately, Cameron's mind can't so easily accept that the man he's always thought of as just a fantasy is now standing right in front of him. Liam interprets Cameron's reticence as rejection and goes into a tail spin. He starts drinking to stop from dreaming about Cameron, thinking somehow he's been forcing himself upon the other man and hurting him by doing so.  

After a month of drinking, Liam's aunt comes to Cameron, begging him to try to convince Liam that he doesn't hate him and, if he doesn't want to be Liam's real life lover, to at least be his friend so he will stop drinking. Cameron is upset when he finds out his hesitation to be with him is the reason for Liam's drastic behavior and he goes to Liam and gets him back on the right track. Convinced they are going to be okay, they decide to start dating and are surprised that just like in their dreams it seems comfortable, even natural to be together. Their honeymoon doesn’t last very long before Liam and eventually Cameron are the victims of psychic attacks that leave them physically wounded.

The premise of this story, i.e., lovers meeting first in the dream world then getting together in the real world, is an interesting twist. Liam and Cameron are interesting characters with distinct personalities and strikingly different tastes, Liam, although a dream walker, is a conservative dresser and owns a bookstore; while Cameron is anything but conservative having multiple tattoos and piercings; but in their hearts, they are soul mates. If you like learning about Wiccan customs, dream walking, and dreams becoming real, you may enjoy this story. Thanks, Tempeste, for making Liam and Cam's dreams come true.