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Sometimes Love Lasts by Jake Wells

Sometimes Love Lasts - Jake Wells


“A heart truly in love never loses hope but always believes in the promise of love, no matter how long the time and how far the distance.” ~ Anonymous

After Rone, of 'Sometimes Love Lasts' by Jake Wells, was seen kissing his best friend, Carson, whom he secretly loved, his bully of a father beat him badly and left him where he fell. Rone was convinced that his brash action had pushed Carson away forever and that his abusive father would surely kill him if he stayed. Rone makes a life-changing decision, runs away, and does whatever he can to hide from his father. The most difficult part of going is leaving his five-year-old brother, Eli, behind.

It isn't too long before Rone begins to regret not putting more thought into his running away. He's soon faced with the reality of not having a high school education making it almost impossible to get a job. Rone misses Eli and Carson desperately, but tries to tamp down the feelings by reminding himself of why he couldn't stay. Fortunately, Rone makes a rather unlikely but nonetheless loyal friend, Madge, the woman who runs the hotel Rone wanders into looking for a room to rent. She recognizes that Rone isn't your typical runaway and takes him under her wing, ultimately helping him work toward his goal of being a pediatric surgeon.

Rone, who was an A student before he ran away, finishes high school, college, and works hard through his medical courses and training. Even with all the good things that happen, it only takes one 'failure' to throw him back to before he ran away, hearing his voice telling him he's a failure and he will never amount to anything. Rone has a few failed romances. One in particular is with Mateo who lies to Rone and cheats on him. This breaks his heart, causing Rone to be more lonely than ever. Rone can't help but wonder about Carson, how he is, and what he's doing now. He finds it difficult to believe how much he still loves and misses him. Rone wonders if he will ever find someone he loves more than Carson.

This is an endearing story about a young man who runs away from a life of disappointment and pain and, fortunately, is able to overcome adversity and still able to make his dreams come true. If you enjoy reading stories about new beginnings, love that lasts, and happy endings, then you may enjoy this book. Thanks, Jake, for allowing me to follow Rone's journey to happiness.

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