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True Colors by Clare London

True Colors - Clare London

“Like fire to ice, I'll melt you with my love. The flame's gonna burn until the walls come down. Like fire to ice, I'll touch you to warn you, the burning won't stop until the walls come tumbling down.” ~ Noel

At first glance, Miles and Zeke, of 'True Colors' by Clare London, seem to be like fire and ice, as different as two men can be, but their hearts are in the same place. Their differences add friction and sparkle; the similarities provide comfort and love.

Zeke is spontaneous and eccentric, even for an artist. He's exceptionally handsome, brilliant, and talented. He's also flamboyant, rebellious, difficult, and, since his brother died, very self-destructive. Under his outrageous facade, Zeke is in excruciating pain. Either by accident or design Zeke has lost everything, including his passion for creating art. The grief he feels from losing his brother is crushing him. He uses sex and alcohol to dull the pain, but it also destroys his creativity. He needs inspiration and purpose. He needs a challenge and Miles is there to present him with more challenges than he can imagine.

In all outward appearances, Miles is perfect. He's handsome, popular, cool, calm, and very rich. Seemingly Miles has everything he could ever want. Yet he's restless and dissatisfied. He's searching for something that has so far eluded him. He's fascinated with Zeke, attracted to his bohemian lifestyle and in awe of his talent. Miles respects Zeke's grieving period, but also gently shoves him back toward his art, because he believes that Zeke's talent is extraordinary and should be expressed and shared. Miles is not willing to stand by and let him throw is gift away. As he and Zeke start their dance of seduction, Miles realizes that it will take a great deal of patience and resolve before he and Zeke learn to dance together successfully.

This is a hot, sexy love story full of angst, and involving an amazing amount of self-discovery. Its myriad subplots led me up, down, and sideways as its mysteries unfolded in unexpected but interesting ways. If you like a passionate read with secondary characters as interesting as the main ones, a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, not only with its steamy sex, but also with its mystery, intrigue, suspense, and revelations, then you will love 'True Colors'.


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