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Book, Line and Sinker by LJ Labarthe

Book, Line, and Sinker - L.J. LaBarthe

“Coming home seemed to have started the healing process. No longer vivid and garish, the memories seemed to be covered in gossamer, fading behind a curtain of time and forgiveness.” ~ Karen Fowler

Ash has had enough of war and goes home to rest and find some peace of mind. He's been away for many years, but he's kept in touch with his family during that time. Ash is surprised at all the changes that have taken place in Quorn, but is comforted by how some things never seem to change. He's ready to settle down; boring seems like it would feel really good after the chaos his life has been in the service. Another change Ash appreciates is the new librarian in town, named Jaxon, who is about the most perfect person Ash has ever met.

Jaxton and Ash are instantly attracted to each other and, since Ash's sister, Evie, has told him so much about her brother, Jaxton thinks he knows Ash already. One of the things that brings them together, besides both being gay, is their love of books. Jaxton's entire den has wall-to-wall built-in book cases and Jaxton tells Ash that he can borrow them any time he wants. Ash lights up like a candle at that offer and spends a long time picking out a whole stack of them. That amuses Jaxton to no end. They admit the attraction, but decide to take it slow. This becomes more difficult than they anticipated and doesn't last very long. When they do get together, the sex is electric, convincing them that they were meant to be together.

Talking about their love for reading leads to a discussion about the lack of access to books in the remote areas around them. It gives Ash an idea. He wants to find a way to remedy that problem and runs it past Jaxton. Ash tells him if he can get a surplus Army vehicle, refurbish the inside, and make a book mobile out of it he could start a business called Book, Line, and Sinker. Jaxton thinks it's a marvelous idea and is instantly on board. They tell Evie who is so enthusiastic about it that she insists going with them to second-hand stores to buy books, toys, DVDs, and other forms of entertainment. Their venture is very successful. All would be well except that Ash is having nightmares and flashbacks that harass him and frighten Jaxton.  Although he is there for support, Jaxton realizes Ash is the only one who can conquer them. Ash promises to get help, realizing his quality of life and relationship with Jaxton is in jeopardy if he can't get these terrors under control.

This is a pleasant story, highlighting the beauty for the countryside and admiration for the folks who live there. It's a snapshot of life in the town of Quorn. Ash is a good guy who has served his country but who is now ready to come home, where, to his surprise, he finds what he was looking for all along. Jaxton is almost perfect in looks, positive attitude, and personality. If you are in the mood to settle back with a “cuppa” for a day of relaxation, this book offers a great escape. Thanks, L.J., for introducing me to Jaxton and Ash along with helping me add a few more Aussie words to my vocabulary.




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