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Eye of Scota (Dalriata I) by Serena Yates

Eye of Scota: CinĂ¡ed - Serena Yates

When you discover information diametrically opposed to what you have always been taught, do you stick to what you have always believed or do you follow your newly realized feelings in order to promote positive change? Most of us would probably choose the path of least resistance and leave things as they are. However, Cináed, healer/priest/warrior, in 'Eye of Scota' by Serena Yates, is faced with this dilemma and chooses to take the high road and initiate the changes necessary to make his world a better place.

Although Cináed is a priest, he has warrior training as well and that places him in a unique position. The special stones used by priests to facilitate healing are running out of energy. Desperate for more stones, the High Priest sends Cináed, hoping he will be more successful than the warrior expeditions in the past; none of them have ever returned. During his journey to the Eye, the sacred circle where new healing stones are to be found, Cináed encounters spaceship captain Tadeo who has been attacked by a bear and managed to survive. Cináed stays with the man and heals him. In their time together, the men realize that besides their strong physical connection, they also have an energy connection that the testy oracle at the sacred circle shows them by images and memories of the “old ways” when each man touches it. The oracle finally speaks, explaining that they have a bond that enables them to accomplish great things, as long as they do it together. The oracle demonstrates by having Cináed and Tadeo simultaneously touch an almost-depleted stone. When the stone comes to life, both men are amazed. The oracle tells them they don't have to gather new stones, that the ones they have can be “rejuvenated” by two men bonded together. They know that it won't be easy to change minds but they go back to the city Gael with their newly discovered information, even knowing that it will surely be rejected.

As expected, they are met with opposition at every turn, especially by the priests who are currently in power and want to stay that way. Even Cináed's own father calls him an abomination and aids his enemies in order to defeat his son. It's not just the bonding of two men that has the priests in an uproar. Apparently, the old ways were more tolerant, fair, and equal. The idea of the common people having access to what is considered basic human rights appalls them. With most of the Warrior Council on their side, Cináed’s supporters rescue Cináed and Tadeo from the priests' courtroom and disperse the Council of Priests. But the priests regroup, determined to keep control and destroy Cináed and Tadeo and along with it their “insane” notions of equality for all.

'Eye of Scota' is not just another science fiction story where space travelers from an advanced society swoop in and change everything. There's a twist on this theme. Tadeo helps Cináed bring about change by restoring the “old ways”, putting the civilization back on its original track. If you like supernatural adventure combined with romance and steamy manlove, you will also enjoy reading 'Eye of Scota' and accompanying Cináed and the others of Dalriata in their quest to preserve their heritage. Thanks, Serena, for a real intergalactic adventure.    



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