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Featherweight Heart by Jillian Snyder

Featherweight Heart - Jillian Snyder

“There really can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without truth. And there can be no truth, unless someone rises up to tell you the truth.” ~ Louis Farrakhan

As a medium, Jake Parker, of 'Featherweight Heart' by Jillian Snyder, is used to people seeking answers from their dearly departed through him. When a customer, Eric Austin, comes in, Jake is able to connect him with his ex-lover, Andrew, but Eric wants nothing to do with him and runs out of Jake's shop. Jake is baffled, but there isn't much he can do unless Eric comes back and agrees to listen. Jake tries to put it out of his mind, thinking he'll probably never see Eric again. When Jake goes to a book signing with his nephew, he's pleasantly surprised to find that the featured author is none other than Eric, his “runaway” client. Jake wants to help Eric, especially since Andrew so desperately wants to reach him, but can't if Eric doesn't want to face it.

Jake is a natural like his grandmother, Gran, who is quite accomplished. Gran has taught Jake how to develop his gifts and recognize new ones as they come. Jake is clairvoyant; he receives his information in various ways, usually through dream-like visions which may or may not be literal. These messages come in the form of feelings, smells, sounds, and jumbled emotions, leaving him to figure them out. Andrew is determined to contact Eric and torments Jake to the point of distraction, even interfering with his relationship with Eric. The attraction Jake feels for Eric only confuses matters blurring his vision, making it even harder to figure out what the spirit is trying to convey. Jake isn't sure whether the spirit is angry about them being together or if something else is wrong. Knowing he's too involved, Jake calls upon his grandmother to help Eric and solve the mystery. The biggest problem they face is getting Eric to agree to listen.

Eric doesn't want to hear Andrew's regrets and apologies and thwarts any attempt by Jake or Gran to connect them. He just wants Andrew to leave him alone. He doesn't care that Andrew keeps trying to tell him that he's sorry for what he did or in anything else he has to say either. Andrew treated him so badly when he was alive that there's nothing he could possibly say that would ease the pain he caused. Eric is not interested at all in alleviating Andrew's guilt. If it's keeping Andrew from moving on, Eric feels it is Andrew's problem, not his. Eric simply refuses to forgive him. Even when Jake tries to explain that things are out of balance with Andrew hanging around which, among other things, directly affects the chances of him and Eric building a relationship together, Eric is still hesitant to listen to what Andrew has to say.

This is a great story which resonated with many of my personal interests concerning spiritual abilities. The story was very well-written and Jillian's knowledge of the subject is excellent. I loved Jake and his work ethics, his sincerity, and his aptitude for compassion. I enjoyed hearing about his gifts and how he uses different methods to obtain knowledge. Even though Eric was very stubborn about granting Andrew forgiveness, I understood how he could feel that way after Andrew hurt him so deeply. The concept of equilibrium in the universe is a difficult one to grasp, especially in manners involving deep feelings, but it is essential to maintain. Eric needed to forgive Andrew for his own sake as much as for Andrew's, thereby putting things back in order. If you like to read about spirituality, balance, forgiveness, and love, you may enjoy this story. Thanks, Jillian, for creating an entertaining space where I felt right at home.




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