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Love at Roades End by Kris T Bethke

Love at Roades End - Kris T. Bethke




“You are my destination in life, also the way to reach to it. Wish to spend this lovely journey with you.” ~ David Miller

Sean Newvine heads for Roades End Inn to experience its ambience firsthand, in order to rate it for his travel blog. He's been looking forward to the trip, completely forgetting that it is Valentine's Day. What he is not expecting is to be “attacked” as soon as he comes through the front door by one of the most attractive men he's ever met, Hunter Roades, the owner. Once it has been established that Sean is not a ploy by his brother to make sure Hunter isn't alone on Valentine's Day, Hunter apologizes profusely and Sean quickly reassures him that he understands.

The longer Sean is at the inn, the more he is enchanted by its coziness. The excellent service offered to its guests is only icing on the cake. Sean has no doubt that his travel blog will give an excellent rating to the quaint accommodations at Roades Inn. An unprompted nap and worsening weather cause him to miss his chance to go out for dinner. Hunter offers to whip up some snacks for both of them instead. This gives Sean and Hunter an opportunity to get to know each other. One of the subjects discussed is the history of the inn. As Hunter tells his story, Sean sees how dedicated he is to the inn. When Sean asks why he thought his brother sent him, Hunter admits that Sean is just his type. This amuses Sean and confirms their mutual attraction. With this established, it's not surprising when Hunter invites Sean for hot chocolate the next day and things get a bit intense. It is Valentine's Day after all. What starts with a kiss, ends up in a sensual tangle of limbs in Hunter's bed. Sean feels certain that he wants to continue their relationship and assumes that Hunter will too, but when he checks out later that morning, instead of the familiarity Sean is expecting, Hunter is formal and business-like. Sean questions it but Hunter tells him the night was magical but that's where it stops. If Sean can't change his mind, it just may be the end for them, instead of the beginning of a wonderful thing.

This is a brief but endearing love story. Kris does a wonderful job of portraying Sean and Hunter's personalities and emotions, especially with the limited number of words available in a short story. The story, however, didn't seem to be short. I didn't feel that it was rushed at all, just a gentle unfolding of events which led to a hot, yet considerate sexual encounter. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys weekends at an inn, handsome, sensitive men, and an awesome way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Thanks, Kris, for the sensitive and satisfying tale. Happy Valentine's Day!

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