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Seasons Pass by Joanna Chambers

Seasons Pass - Joanna Chambers

“If you can’t get someone out of your head, maybe they are supposed to be there.” ~ Heathers Heart

When Lord Murdo Balfor of 'Seasons Pass' by Joanna Chambers goes back to London, he's determined to forget David Lauriston. Unfortunately, the harder Murdo tries to get over David, the worse Murdo's desire for him becomes. Hoping to burn bridges between him and David, Murdo even becomes engaged although he has no interest in being married. When his father “strongly suggests” that Murdo be his representative in Edinburg for the King's impending visit there, Murdo has second thoughts, but still hesitates. When even a trip to Kit Redford's club for men fails to interest him, Murdo knows that he must do something even more drastic; he needs to go to Edinburg, confront David, and purge the man from his system once and for all.

Although this is a short portrayal of events, the insight it gave me from Murdo's point of view was important in understanding his actions in the next book. I delighted in the fact that Murdo, who was always so 'together' and nonchalant, could be so rattled by his feelings for David and that Murdo thought he was going to see David and simply end this “madness” that is so obviously love. I recommend reading this story because it's an excellent introduction for book two in the ‘Enlightenment’ series. Thanks, Joanna, for the heads-up on what Murdo was thinking.


Source: http://www.rainbowbookreviews.com/book-reviews/seasons-pass-enlightenment-15-by-joanna-chambers