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The Plumber by Serena Yates

The Plumber - Serena Yates

“To find true happiness in life you have to follow your heart and intuition. You have to be who you are, and design a lifestyle and career that fulfills you no matter what that entails or what people say about it...” ~ Melchor Lim

Some parents expect their children to live not only their own lives but the lives they have planned for them. Instead, parents should be more concerned with raising their children to be independent and decisive and support their children by honoring their choices whether or not the parents agree with them. Will Kovar, of 'The Plumber' by Serena Yates, owns a very successful plumbing business; Will works long, hard hours to improve it any way he can. Unfortunately, his parents don't consider it a worthy profession. His parents haven't been able to accept that Will is gay either. His mother still thinks if she can just find the “right girl” for him, the “problem” will be solved and Will and his wife will provide her with the grandchildren she craves. Despite the fact that Will has repeatedly told his mother that it's not going to happen, she still persists. When Will answers a service call, he meets Steve Hayes, manager of Safe Home for Girls and Boys, Will's life takes on a promising new direction.

While working at the Safe Home, Will explains some of what his work entails while also showing a sincere interest in Steve's job. Since the home is a charity, Will only charges for parts and considers the rest of his fee as a donation to the home. If Steve hadn't already been impressed with Will, his generosity definitely wins him over. After the repairs are done, Steve asks Will out to dinner as a thank you for a job well done and for being so considerate. Since both of their jobs are very demanding; neither has much time to date. Going to dinner is a perfect opportunity for them to get to know each other. Steve and Will have a great time and make plans to meet again in the future. In the meantime, Will is approached with an opportunity to bid on a huge project with the potential of being quite profitable and good for the reputation of his company. Will isn't told much about the project because the land sale hasn't been finalized but doesn't consider it a deciding factor and signs the papers saying he's interested.

After their first real date and their spectacular goodnight kiss, Steve is even more fascinated with Will than before. Because Will is such a workaholic, their dating doesn't go especially smoothly, but when Steve “interrupts” him at work, Will is all smiles. He knows he works too much and welcomes the break. Unfortunately, Steve has worse things to deal with. The house they are living in is going to be sold from under them in order to make room for new condos. It's time to search for another place to live and their small budget is not going to give them many choices. When Steve discovers who is behind the buyout and why, he's furious. Adding insult to injury, he overhears Will talking to someone about him having contracted to do the plumbing for a project which is ahead of schedule. Steve panics; he's appalled to even entertain the idea that Will may have known, all along, what the project involved, but even knowing the misery it would cause Steve and his kids, still wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to make a lot of money. The future of their relationship hinges on Will's explanation and what his decision will be now that Steve is aware of the situation.

One of my favorite parts of Serena's books are her characters, and, in this case, it's truer than ever. Will and Steve are men who haven't been deterred when they meet opposition from their families about their job choices and how they want to live their lives. They are generous, trustworthy, and brave. They know what they want and are not afraid to go after it. They are the kind of men who make my heart flutter. Will and Steve do not play games. Their honesty and maturity are very refreshing. Serena also gave me a concise overview of Will's job as a plumber, providing me with new information without it sounding like a dissertation. I have more appreciation for the often messy and always welcome assistance those in the plumbing profession offer me. If you like stories about plumbers, safe houses, social workers, unwanted children, and mature, sexy men, you may enjoy this story. Thanks, Serena, for bringing together two wonderful men.

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