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A Spring Frost by Johnny Miles

A Spring Frost (Yuletide Knights Book 2) - Johnny Miles

“The foolish reject what they see, not what they think; the wise reject what they think, not what they see.” ~ Huang Po

Griffin, of 'A Spring Frost' by Johnny Miles, feels guilty because he's losing patience with his aging mother, who seems to be losing her mental capacities. He loves his mom, but is at a loss in knowing how to help her. After a particularly frustrating day, Griffin slams the front door and drives to Ft. Lauderdale, where Spring Break is in full force. He's hoping to blow off some steam and forget his problems for a while. While there, Griffin meets Jackson Frost. Their attraction to each other is undeniable, but, with Jackson, what you see is not necessarily what you get.

When Griffin first meets Jackson, he is convinced that Jackson is just what he's looking for  and engages him in conversation. Griffin and Jackson end up in a bar fight when someone calls them fags, and Griffin bonds with Jackson after the brawl. Neither are willing to part when the fight is over; they end up in bed where they have a fast and furious sexual encounter. They are interrupted by one of his roommates, but promise to see each other the next day. Griffin feels guilty about leaving his mom the way he did and goes back to check on her. He hopes that Jackson will understand why he left. His mom falls in the shower and ends up in the hospital. Even Griffin's special healing touch isn't helping his mom come out of her coma. The situation seems bleak until Jackson appears at the hospital even though no one told him Griffin and his mom were there. After Jackson spends some time with Griffin's mom, she improves greatly.

Jackson is a mysterious person. He's extremely intuitive and has a charming quality about him. His housemates have experienced his uniqueness and know that Griffin is different and   are very protective of him. Also, they are very skeptical of Griffin's motives. Jackson's attraction to Griffin is stronger than anything he has ever felt before. Although Griffin is thankful for however Jackson helps his mom, he's curious about it as well. Jackson wants to share his secrets with Griffin, but is afraid that if he reveals his true nature, Griffin at best, won't believe him, and at worst, Jackson will lose him. He keeps his secret to himself for as long as he can, but when they are attacked, Jackson has to throw caution to the wind and do what he has to protect them. Afterward, Jackson explains his identity, hoping Griffin will understand and still care for him.

'A Spring Frost' is a trip into fantasy land with some healthy sexual activity thrown in to spice things up. I had to suspend my disbelief and accept the possibility of a world which goes beyond what I normally think of as possible. The characters, especially Jackson and Griffin, are fully fleshed out, delightful, charming, secretive, and sexy. The secondary characters are an interesting bunch of seemingly shallow, horny young men, but what endeared them to me was how they rallied around Jackson, respected his advice, and supported him. If you want to read an interesting story including sex, angst, intrigue, secrets, and a happy for now ending, you may enjoy this book. Thanks, Johnny, for reminding me that things are not always as they seem; sometimes they are even better!




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