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Blood and Ghosts (Blood 2) by Shira Anthony

Blood and Ghosts - Shira Anthony

'Blood and Ghosts' by Shira Anthony picks up where the first book left off. Adrien is still mourning Nicolas's loss even though it's been over one hundred years. He has basically been kidnapped by Jean Lambert and flown back to France. There's an important council meeting about to take place, and Jean wants Adrien to be there, whether he wants to or not.

Adrien has his share of problems. Besides missing Nicolas intensely, he's still struggling with his inner demon which is linked to his immortality. If he doesn't master it, it will destroy him. With the help of Jean, Blaise, Charles, and his brother, François, he hones his skill and increases his power into a formidable, almost unstoppable force, but he still wrestles with understanding his demon and ascertaining its motives. When it starts transporting him through time, things really get interesting. In one timeline, Adrien's seventeen-year-old self meets Nicolas much earlier in his life than in his current one. After talking with Roland, his tutor, Adrien begins to realize that, although he wants to, he can't stay there because it will cause too much disruption in his future.

In another jump, the demon allows him to be with his sister while she's dying instead of staying away as he originally did. In each leap, Adrien is able to adjust more quickly and accomplish things he wasn't able to do before which, of course, changes his past and his future, and those of all the ones around him, mostly for the good. One advantage of being a hunter/vampire/immortal and having everyone around you being basically timeless, is that it's harder to notice the shift than it would normally be. With almost everyone around you looking the same for hundreds of years, it allows Adrien to leap back and forth without anyone noticing that he has changed.

It's clear that Shira put a lot of time and energy in this book. The characters are more developed and their relationships clearer than in the first story in the series. Considering that the story involves time travel automatically makes the story complex. There's a lot going on and sometimes, it's happening at more than one place at a time. I have to admit that I have a difficult time following time travel stories, which is, no doubt, why it was harder for me to keep up; but for those who love stories of leaping through space and time and its effects, it will be fascinating. Despite the issues I had with the time jumping, the story is very well written and the characters are amazingly complex and deep. Their interactions are so intricately woven together which makes the story exceptional. Those who like vampires, vampire hunters, diabolically evil villains, political intrigue, and eternal devotion may enjoy this book.  Thanks, Shira, for the epic story.


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