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Threshold - Jordan L. Hawk

In 'Threshold' by Jordan L. Hawk, Whyborne and Griffin are at a crossroads in their relationship. They are doing very well, until they encounter Elliot, Griffin's former lover which brings Griffin and Whyborne feelings of insecurity and doubt.

Whyborne continues to open up in this story; he's being more assertive. There's a quiet, inner strength that Whyborne possesses that he hasn't tapped into yet. With Griffin, he is treasuring the sensuality and solace that only comes with being in love. Love makes us brave; we are no longer alone.  When he begins to suspect that Griffin may be misrepresenting himself and that their relationship may be just a ploy to get his cooperation, he sees his world beginning to crumble. Whyborne becomes blind to reason and lashes out at Griffin. The situation is worsened with the lies and exaggerations that Elliot is planting, hoping to drive a wedge between him and Griffin.

Griffin accepts an assignment from Whyborne's father, to investigate strange happenings at a mine company he owns. Whyborne and Christine go with him. What they find is more overwhelming and far reaching and horrific than any of them could have imagined. After meeting the Pinkerton man in charge of maintaining order in the mines, Griffin is thrown for a loop since Elliot Manning happens to be a former associate and lover. His history with this man has good and bad points, some of which he hasn't told Whyborne about. Griffin has a lot of unresolved issues with Elliot and is understandably anxious about the situation. He knows that there's a lot of potential to be misunderstood since he's kept a lot of his past under wraps, fearing that Whyborne won't understand. 

Describing the horrible conditions of the mine workers who live and work near Threshold Mountain helps to set the general mood of that area—dark, cold, and foreboding. The descriptions of the mines portray an aura of danger and desperation for the workers; although they know there's a good chance they'll be injured or will die, they are forced to work in these conditions to support their families.

I recommend this story to existing fans, of course, and to readers new to the series, who enjoy a dark love story with complicated circumstances, unbridled passion, suspense, monsters, and drama. I hope there are many more Whyborne and Griffin adventures. Thank you, Jordan, for an intensely satisfying reading experience.



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